Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Farrah's Day of Mourning

Today is the day, everyone that knew, loved, idolized or watched this fine lady over the years can morn her death. She has had an amazing life, filed with joy, love and sadness. She fought Cancer, Domestic Violence and Drug Abuse with a fervor only matched by our troupes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Farrah did not care about ones color, sexual orientation or any other personal detail she cared what was in your heart. She truly loved everyone and was a model of what we all should be. This show today, masked as a funeral, by some professing to be the loves of her life, will not include a man she deeply and passionately loved. It is amazing to me that the fact that Farrah had love in her heart for one person, a man who was the rock she leaned on, that stayed out of the limelight is so threatening to some. That love existed and still exists today. Here is a fact that we had not released yet. Farrah waited to die on Greg Lott's Sober Birthday. Greg's sober birthday has been celebrated by the two every year for 22 years. The fact that she died on this day, can be interpreted by some as coincidence, however the ones that truly knew her, know her faith, know that she died on that day, to give her long time love a sign that it’s ok, and don't you dare mar this day. To a few in the know, it is a sign that God is involved in this relationship and will continue his intervention.

I don't know if God is working however I am working and I am relentless like she was. I have all the letters, pictures, and evidence exposing the terrible things done to this angel. Just know that through the following days, weeks and years. Each and every facet of the behavior on the part of members of Farrah’s "inner circle" (Ryan O'Neal, Mella Murphy, Alana Stewart and Joan Dangerfield) will be exposed. They can come and write Anonymous comments to try and sway opinion, but the truth will come out. No more red carpets, no more reality programs, and most importantly no more free stuff. Be afraid, be very afraid, you have no idea what I have in my possession. This information will show what an incredible woman that Farrah continued to be throughout the trials and tribulations of her life. So please if you have a connection to God please make contact now. I know she is listening.....Fight the Fight.

Allen S. Miller, Publicist
Hitman Public Relations



Monday, June 29, 2009

The Real Love Story

Bogart & Bacall, Gable & Lombard now Lott and Fawcett.

Press Release Greg Lott & Farrah Fawcett in loving intimate relationship since 1998. Letters to Lott from Fawcett "she loved him very much" letters say. Lott was the love of her life, Fawcett says in numerous letters, personal pictures, and mementos. Read about it soon, but here are a couple of snippets from their love letters.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Christina Applegate

Thanks to Cancer Survivor and Actress Christina Applegate in urging people to support Farrah's vision for a cure for Cancer read the story http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/article/applegate-urges-fans-to-donate-for-fawcett_1107835

Supported Charities

Here is one of the Charities that we will be supporting as we grow the network.
UMC Foundation-Children's Miracle Network.
Executive Director- Sandy Ogletree
602 Indiana Avenue Lubbock, Texas 79415.
Email sandy.ogletree@umchealthsystem.com.

Additionally as per Donna Curry (Manager-The Wilshire) all cards and well wishes can be sent to Farrah Fawcett:

Farrah Fawcett
C/O Ryan O'Neal
Pro Gym
11943 Montana Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Be sure to follow Farrah news at www.farrahfawcett.us and my blog at http://hitmanpr.blogspot.com/ and www.twitter.com/Drasmiller

Thank you,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hitman PR

We'll in another act of desperation, there is a complaint against the www.twitter.com/HitmanPR so the account was suspended. We will be directing all traffic through www.twitter.com/drasmiller. All the information will be the same, all the blog information will be on behalf of Greg Lott and FarrahFawcett.us. Just out to curiosity who's, money is Ryan O'Neal spending. Is it Farrah's, as this is Farrah's legal team, this is not Farrah's wishes as translated to me by Greg Lott. What is so damaging that they want these avenues gone? Enough about this, Grieve, the loss of Farrah, and pass on her vision. We will continue to do that regardless.

Farrah Fawcett

I am sorry to say our Farrah has passed to a better place and left the pain and confines of her bed behind. She is free to be the woman we all knew and loved. So Few have touched so many. You all keep Fighting the Fight.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Our Farrah's site, setup by Farrah, dedicated to getting Farrah’s message out to the world, and support a cure to Cancer has been taken down by Ryan O'Neal. Yes, attorney's acting on orders of Ryan O'Neal and the "power of attorney" have served a lawsuit on the web server ordering an injunction to the website. After I published the "Open Letter to Ryan O'Neal, we started hearing from his attorney's. It is obvious; Mr. O'Neal does not want the truth of his activities (http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/peqCpuYj1W8/Ryan+O+Neal+Hanging+Out+Beach+Malibu/WmQ-xBfnn-O/Ryan+O%27Neal) known to the world. That’s okay, the letter went to every news agency, and was accepted and applauded. No fear, just like Farrah, we will continue on....We will still setup a network so people can get the necessary treatment they need for Cancer, Aids, and every other disease that takes the best of us. Secondly, we will, be setting up an alternative site to sell the T-Shirts, pictures, posters and other memorabilia with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. Regardless of Mr. O'Neal we will continue on... sometimes battles are not fought in a straight line. I will keep you updated to our progress and any news concerning Farrah and Charity.

Farrah, is holding on, and has been given last rites. Her vision, dream, and mission was to give people hope to a cure. That is the message of the video SHE wanted aired. I assure you that we will continue and will live on. Fight the Fight.

Allen Miller, Publicist Hitman Public Relations

Farrah In Hospital

I loving Farrah, is in intensive care and is supported by catholic priests consistent with her faith. I have reports that Farrah has received last rights. It is time now to make contact with your god and say a prayer.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Open Letter To Ryan O'Neal's Marriage Proposal

From Allen S. Miller
Publicist, FarrahFawcett.us
Hitman Public Relations

Press Release

I cannot sit by idly and watch this sad play without comment. I realize mine is not a popular opinion and is most likely the minority one. However, I recently saw the GMA episode expressing your (Ryan O’Neal’s) love and devotion to Farrah Fawcett and wish to marry her. Let’s weigh what she is getting in this package of love. For a devoted man in love with his “soul mate” I question your code and honor. As recently as May 20th, 2009, Ryan O’Neal is accused of asking a 20-year-old girl to perform lewd acts. Marin (the victim) is accusing the 67-year-old celebrity of proposing to give her a vehicle if she agreed to masturbate with him. She is reportedly a friend of the O'Neal family. O'Neal was previously arrested in September 17, after deputies discovered methamphetamines during a probation search in Malibu, where he and his 24-year-old son Redmond were living. Both men were arrested for drug possession. To my knowledge, all Mr. O’Neal’s children have been arrested and or treated for severe drug abuse. Tatum O’Neal sites several incidents of abuse by her father Ryan O’Neal in her autobiography "A Paper Life". Of late Joan Dangerfield, widow of Rodney Dangerfield, Friend of Farrah, says that Ryan and Alana Stewart are sleeping together in the guest bedroom next to their gravely sick friend Farrah Fawcett. There is film footage of the two in their bathrobes in Farrah’s Living Room, next to where Farrah is lying. Recently, Jim Fawcett, Farrah’s father came to visit his sick daughter, and stayed and as usual, wanted to stay in the guest bedroom of his sick daughters home, the same one now occupied by Alana Stewart and Ryan O’Neal. Ryan stated that he couldn’t believe “that man and his horrible wife threw me out of my bedroom” referring to Farrah’s father and his wife. Just recently, Stewart and O’Neal were seen at Fred Siegel’s in Beverly Hills, walking hand in hand and when asked by Paparazzi “how’s Farrah?” Ryan and Alana quickly stopped holding hands and said “she is doing great”. I have numerous e-mails to Farrah’s website from concerned fans asking why O’Neal is “frolicking” with younger girls and older Alana Stewart at his Malibu Beach house while professing his love to Farrah. Are these the actions of a loving committed partner, friend and supposed soul mate? Currently, Farrah weights approximate 85 lbs, and has been fed intravenously and has been in bed continuously for 70+ days. Sweet Farrah has lost approximate 40-50% of her max VO2. That means she most likely doesn’t have the physical strength to walk to the bathroom. She is weak and sleeps the majority of the time. She expends all of her energy fighting this cancer. The recent interview with O’Neal states they are going to get married. “We will (get married), as soon as she can, say yes," O'Neal said to Barbara Walters. "Maybe we can just nod her head," he joked. NOD HER HEAD FOR HER? Why expend the energy, why don’t you just sign her name to the marriage license like you’re accused of doing to the NBC contract by Farrah’s producer Craig Nevius. This pathetic statement only reinforces my assessment of her physical condition and her physical demand level. So my question is why Barbara Walters or any other reporter didn’t ask these questions. Something is really wrong here. For that matter, Farrah has been kept from this information, and for good cause, she’s fighting cancer and does not need the stress of knowing her “loved Boyfriend, Partner” is out propositioning young girls. Is this the code of honor of a man that loves his woman, who through good and bad is faithful? Are these the actions of an honorable man, let alone a man at all?
I pity O’Neal, the demons he has that have caused him to treat his children the way he has, the failing career, the wrongs that will never be righted. However, he continues along the path that has led to all these problems, so is it that he is just a waste of a human being, a narcissist, or a sociopath, I ask you. What drives the actions of this individual?
I know one thing, Farrah Fawcett has led her life with dignity and strength, she has fought cancer gallantly, and she stood up against James Orr the director that beat her up. This was not the most popular of positions in Hollywood. Coming from this attack, Farrah helped battered women shelters, and a lot of women in the same situation. Farrah stood up against UCLA and the National Enquirer for releasing her medical records. From this incident there is legislation to protect patient information. She has tried to help her drug addicted son (By Ryan) to get help only to be sabotaged by her then partner Ryan O’Neal. So what’s in this marriage for her, I ask you what qualities does Ryan O’Neal bring to this union. He says he loves her, Tina Turner said it best “WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT”.
Ryan why do you hold Farrah in so much contempt that you would do this to her, I ask you. There was a day when people like you did not even go into public, let alone be interviewed on a respected talk show. This is a sad commentary on the world we live, when your words not actions are accepted as fact. My god Dr. Laura Schlessinger has written numerous books on this very subject.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Farrah's Persona

I would like to address the beauty and brains of Farrah Farrah Fawcett as embodies those attributes. When Farrah was asked to describe herself she would say "tomboy". Members of the Texas football team have been quoted as saying "if she was a guy she would be on the team", and this is one of the best college football teams of the time. She was beautiful, no doubt, however she is very intelligent, astute business person and driven professional but most of all she is fearless. She had a vision in her head where she wanted to go, a plan, a path. She was in college on a completely different different path, but once the door opened in modeling. She knew something was there, not sure what, but once she got moving she would mold it to her goals. She was smart enough to walk through the door, and then move forward to her goals. She designed her life, was true to her art, which involved film, TV, sculpting and painting. But the most import thing this was a brilliant business woman fighting to be accepted as the professional she is. She holds those attributes today, still fighting convention in her treatment of her cancer. If you look a round there are numerous examples of the same attributes, your wife, girlfriend, business partner, and your models who turn helping young mothers into an international business. These people enrich our lives and if you listen will help you move forward down your path to your goals. In Farrah's case, Fight The Fight, this means what ever comes at you fight and fight with everything you got. Fight The Fight

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I thought today I would like to share a Farrahism;
"When you have a set date, you do it or you go with what you get"! FF

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Farrah's Hair

In my last blog I related how Farrah just keep moving forward, despite being knocked down she just moved forward. Greg Lott related this story to me that perfectly describes the woman you all hold so dear. Farrah’s hair it’s her brand, trademark, the thing that defined her, that beautiful rich hair. Farrah knew she was about to have another round of chemo for her cancer, knowing the chemo would cause her hair to fall out. Farrah in the ultimate act of defiance cut off her own hair. Cancer didn’t take Farrah’s hair, Farrah did. Now this says a lot about this 110lb beautiful woman. Farrah would not let Cancer take her hair. She would not give cancer the power or glory of taking her hair. That would be a win for cancer wouldn’t it? So Farrah cut off those beautiful locks so cancer couldn’t win. Yes her hair was her brand but in the scheme of things is it the most important thing? Farrah saw her hair as an important battle for cancer to win, so she didn’t let it happen. I know very few people with that toughness, that “grit”. So when you are out there fighting your individual battles, remember there are 86400 seconds in a day. You win in small steps, seconds if you will. Just keep pushing forward.
Fight The Fight

Farrah's Fight

I apologize for not writing for a couple of days, frankly I did not have the words at my fingertips to express my thoughts. Many people have written me, asking me to give my love and well wishes to Farrah. I have also had numerous letters of outreach from people that either have cancer or have just been diagnosed with Cancer. The thing I want to talk about is the difference between people with Cancer and the people that have never experienced Cancer. Most people that contact me, the ones that have never experienced this disease think in terms of well and sick, black and white. You beat cancer you rid it from your body and you go back to the way you were, much like a broken leg or a bout of measles. Cancer is different, once it’s there and once the diagnosis is given the fight starts. Yes it is a win to get better and back to the way you were, but more importantly it’s a fight to stop the inevitable from happening sooner than you want. A great analogy a patient told me once was “what if you knew you were going to be hit by a car in 3 months and die”. Some may just wait for that day and stand in the street waiting. Maybe that is the only option they can see. But some would change their habits, the way they walk to avoid the hit. So if the car doesn’t hit is that a win? In Cancer you avoid the car for an extra minute, an extra day, or extra year or many years. With Cancer survivors, it’s wining every second of every minute of every day. Cancer patients are always avoiding that car from hitting them by fighting the fight every second for the 86,400 Seconds that make up every day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year fighting. This is what happened with Farrah, she was Diagnosed with Cancer almost 3 years ago and told she had a short time to live. That was unacceptable and frankly after the shock “pissed her off”. She had survived the domestic violence, she survived the drugs in her extended family this was not going to kill her. Lying down and dying was not an option Farrah Fawcett would accept. So she sought help, asked questions, tried every option and they worked, she is still alive long after she was written off. She is a beacon of light and help for millions of people around the world. This disease strikes everyone, Gay, Straight, black, White male, female and all in colors in between. As the Great Spirit as I choose to call God, loves variety, sadly so does cancer. Farrah is stable, still fighting as 1 out of 4 people are fighting that common denominator, Cancer. The information passed in her video gave people hope, answers, and places to look outside convention. This is not a death sentence it is a life sentence. Love the people around you, help people around you. This is Farrah’s wish to give people hope, to give them that ability to get answers from everywhere. Most importantly fight the fight with everything you got. In Sylvester Stallone move, Rocky Balboa, when talking with his son, says “life hits hard, harder than any anybody even me, it’s not hard your hit but that you move forward”. That was Farrah did move forward, second by second 86400 seconds of everyday while sick giving hope to others so they can fight their fight. Farrah is very weak; she is not in pain, her body is fighting the disease with the special drugs brought by Dr. Jacob. So when you get down, just think of this very beautiful, smart, successful woman who kicked Cancers ass for all this time. FIGHT THE FIGHT and keep kickin its ass.

All my love and support to you Farrah you are so loved!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Farrah's Vision

We have received numerous messages concerning the documentary. The original “film” named “A Wing and a Prayer” which was meant to bring to light the exceptional work done by DR. URSULA JACOB’S KLINIK finding a cure for cancer. This was not a love story, but a media manipulation for those who have just been in the shadow of others fame to fame itself. It was not the point of the video for others to use the beauty or light of a person for their own gain. This video is the story of an amazing woman with cancer and the journey to knowledge she traveled and the team of doctors in Germany she worked with. The News: this is exceptional team of doctors has found a cure for cancer. This documentary was the vehicle to educate everyone to the options available. Everyone should have the opportunity to seek these treatments and not be limited by the Medical Establishment. The good news is the word is spreading. I spoke to a business associate yesterday after his wife was recently diagnosed with liver cancer. She is in one of the top clinics in New York. She was told in essence go home and die, there is nothing we can do. Following this news, and after seeing Farrahs’ Message he sought out Dr. Jacobs and the prognosis is good. This is exactly what Farrah wanted, not settle for the status quo but to reach out for the new cures at hand.

We have received a lot of requests for an address to send the letters and gifts. I spoke with Donna Curry, The Manager of Farrah’s building. She stated that Ryan ONeal was making all decisions concerning this issue. Please Send all your cards and gifts to Farrah Fawcett C/O Ryan ONeal Pro Gym, 11943 Montana Ave # 1st Los Angeles, CA 90049 - (310) 826-6624 FIGHT THE FIGHT.
Thank you

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Farrah Story

Today I spoke with a producer from Good Morning America, and we got to talking in generalities. I related a story about Farrah that surprised him, and I thought you would like to hear it. I think everyone has the perception that Farrah is a ditzy blond. However to the contrary she has an amazing mind. Farrah came up with the concept of the website and along with longtime friend Greg Lott, designed the website Farrahfawcett.us. Now remember this was at the time The National Enquirer and other tabloids were chasing Farrah relentlessly. Farrah wanted a portal to voice the truth of her life. So many negative stories had come out that Farrah felt she needed to write a wrong that had been committed. The website was born. Not long after the d├ębut of the website, Farrah was given the sad news we know today, anal cancer. When Farrah told Greg of the news, Greg asked if we should take the site down. Farrah was adamant about keeping it up, knowing the tabloids would have a field day with the news. Farrah knowing she would possibly be incapacitated, provided Greg Lott with a 5 year plan of pictures, and other items that would be systematically rolled out at intervals she had foreseen. This is amazing clarity and business plan of a person just diagnosed with cancer. All of her business life she has designed and controlled the path of her business career. Her negotiations with Playboy are legendary. She is a ruthless business person, within a beautiful body.

Farrah is doing well, she is fighting and hanging in there. I am waiting to hear from Ryan O'Neal where to send your cards and letters.

As Farrah would say love and happiness....
For further Farrah updates www.twitter.com/HitmanPR

Monday, June 8, 2009

Farrah Fawcett

There are reports on Tabloidbaby.com, and other very Credible News Agency’s that Ryan O’Neal and Alana Stewart are blocking Dr.Jacob from coming back into this country from Germany with her magic cancer remedy’s to treat our beloved Farrah. This is difficult to believe after Mella, Farrah’s hair dresser and Friend says that Ryan and Alana are indeed helping Farrah. This is difficult to comprehend, We will believe Only the Best---That Ryan and Alana are facilitating Dr.Jacob’s arrival. To insure her help, we have decided to give a portion of the proceeds to the travel expenses and treatment provided by Dr. Jacob.We Love Farrah, and want to help FIGHT THE FIGHT!