Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Farrah Story

Today I spoke with a producer from Good Morning America, and we got to talking in generalities. I related a story about Farrah that surprised him, and I thought you would like to hear it. I think everyone has the perception that Farrah is a ditzy blond. However to the contrary she has an amazing mind. Farrah came up with the concept of the website and along with longtime friend Greg Lott, designed the website Farrahfawcett.us. Now remember this was at the time The National Enquirer and other tabloids were chasing Farrah relentlessly. Farrah wanted a portal to voice the truth of her life. So many negative stories had come out that Farrah felt she needed to write a wrong that had been committed. The website was born. Not long after the d├ębut of the website, Farrah was given the sad news we know today, anal cancer. When Farrah told Greg of the news, Greg asked if we should take the site down. Farrah was adamant about keeping it up, knowing the tabloids would have a field day with the news. Farrah knowing she would possibly be incapacitated, provided Greg Lott with a 5 year plan of pictures, and other items that would be systematically rolled out at intervals she had foreseen. This is amazing clarity and business plan of a person just diagnosed with cancer. All of her business life she has designed and controlled the path of her business career. Her negotiations with Playboy are legendary. She is a ruthless business person, within a beautiful body.

Farrah is doing well, she is fighting and hanging in there. I am waiting to hear from Ryan O'Neal where to send your cards and letters.

As Farrah would say love and happiness....
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