Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Farrah's site, setup by Farrah, dedicated to getting Farrah’s message out to the world, and support a cure to Cancer has been taken down by Ryan O'Neal. Yes, attorney's acting on orders of Ryan O'Neal and the "power of attorney" have served a lawsuit on the web server ordering an injunction to the website. After I published the "Open Letter to Ryan O'Neal, we started hearing from his attorney's. It is obvious; Mr. O'Neal does not want the truth of his activities ( known to the world. That’s okay, the letter went to every news agency, and was accepted and applauded. No fear, just like Farrah, we will continue on....We will still setup a network so people can get the necessary treatment they need for Cancer, Aids, and every other disease that takes the best of us. Secondly, we will, be setting up an alternative site to sell the T-Shirts, pictures, posters and other memorabilia with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. Regardless of Mr. O'Neal we will continue on... sometimes battles are not fought in a straight line. I will keep you updated to our progress and any news concerning Farrah and Charity.

Farrah, is holding on, and has been given last rites. Her vision, dream, and mission was to give people hope to a cure. That is the message of the video SHE wanted aired. I assure you that we will continue and will live on. Fight the Fight.

Allen Miller, Publicist Hitman Public Relations