Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Farrah's Day of Mourning

Today is the day, everyone that knew, loved, idolized or watched this fine lady over the years can morn her death. She has had an amazing life, filed with joy, love and sadness. She fought Cancer, Domestic Violence and Drug Abuse with a fervor only matched by our troupes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Farrah did not care about ones color, sexual orientation or any other personal detail she cared what was in your heart. She truly loved everyone and was a model of what we all should be. This show today, masked as a funeral, by some professing to be the loves of her life, will not include a man she deeply and passionately loved. It is amazing to me that the fact that Farrah had love in her heart for one person, a man who was the rock she leaned on, that stayed out of the limelight is so threatening to some. That love existed and still exists today. Here is a fact that we had not released yet. Farrah waited to die on Greg Lott's Sober Birthday. Greg's sober birthday has been celebrated by the two every year for 22 years. The fact that she died on this day, can be interpreted by some as coincidence, however the ones that truly knew her, know her faith, know that she died on that day, to give her long time love a sign that it’s ok, and don't you dare mar this day. To a few in the know, it is a sign that God is involved in this relationship and will continue his intervention.

I don't know if God is working however I am working and I am relentless like she was. I have all the letters, pictures, and evidence exposing the terrible things done to this angel. Just know that through the following days, weeks and years. Each and every facet of the behavior on the part of members of Farrah’s "inner circle" (Ryan O'Neal, Mella Murphy, Alana Stewart and Joan Dangerfield) will be exposed. They can come and write Anonymous comments to try and sway opinion, but the truth will come out. No more red carpets, no more reality programs, and most importantly no more free stuff. Be afraid, be very afraid, you have no idea what I have in my possession. This information will show what an incredible woman that Farrah continued to be throughout the trials and tribulations of her life. So please if you have a connection to God please make contact now. I know she is listening.....Fight the Fight.

Allen S. Miller, Publicist
Hitman Public Relations