Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Farrah's Fight

I apologize for not writing for a couple of days, frankly I did not have the words at my fingertips to express my thoughts. Many people have written me, asking me to give my love and well wishes to Farrah. I have also had numerous letters of outreach from people that either have cancer or have just been diagnosed with Cancer. The thing I want to talk about is the difference between people with Cancer and the people that have never experienced Cancer. Most people that contact me, the ones that have never experienced this disease think in terms of well and sick, black and white. You beat cancer you rid it from your body and you go back to the way you were, much like a broken leg or a bout of measles. Cancer is different, once it’s there and once the diagnosis is given the fight starts. Yes it is a win to get better and back to the way you were, but more importantly it’s a fight to stop the inevitable from happening sooner than you want. A great analogy a patient told me once was “what if you knew you were going to be hit by a car in 3 months and die”. Some may just wait for that day and stand in the street waiting. Maybe that is the only option they can see. But some would change their habits, the way they walk to avoid the hit. So if the car doesn’t hit is that a win? In Cancer you avoid the car for an extra minute, an extra day, or extra year or many years. With Cancer survivors, it’s wining every second of every minute of every day. Cancer patients are always avoiding that car from hitting them by fighting the fight every second for the 86,400 Seconds that make up every day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year fighting. This is what happened with Farrah, she was Diagnosed with Cancer almost 3 years ago and told she had a short time to live. That was unacceptable and frankly after the shock “pissed her off”. She had survived the domestic violence, she survived the drugs in her extended family this was not going to kill her. Lying down and dying was not an option Farrah Fawcett would accept. So she sought help, asked questions, tried every option and they worked, she is still alive long after she was written off. She is a beacon of light and help for millions of people around the world. This disease strikes everyone, Gay, Straight, black, White male, female and all in colors in between. As the Great Spirit as I choose to call God, loves variety, sadly so does cancer. Farrah is stable, still fighting as 1 out of 4 people are fighting that common denominator, Cancer. The information passed in her video gave people hope, answers, and places to look outside convention. This is not a death sentence it is a life sentence. Love the people around you, help people around you. This is Farrah’s wish to give people hope, to give them that ability to get answers from everywhere. Most importantly fight the fight with everything you got. In Sylvester Stallone move, Rocky Balboa, when talking with his son, says “life hits hard, harder than any anybody even me, it’s not hard your hit but that you move forward”. That was Farrah did move forward, second by second 86400 seconds of everyday while sick giving hope to others so they can fight their fight. Farrah is very weak; she is not in pain, her body is fighting the disease with the special drugs brought by Dr. Jacob. So when you get down, just think of this very beautiful, smart, successful woman who kicked Cancers ass for all this time. FIGHT THE FIGHT and keep kickin its ass.

All my love and support to you Farrah you are so loved!