Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Farrah's Hair

In my last blog I related how Farrah just keep moving forward, despite being knocked down she just moved forward. Greg Lott related this story to me that perfectly describes the woman you all hold so dear. Farrah’s hair it’s her brand, trademark, the thing that defined her, that beautiful rich hair. Farrah knew she was about to have another round of chemo for her cancer, knowing the chemo would cause her hair to fall out. Farrah in the ultimate act of defiance cut off her own hair. Cancer didn’t take Farrah’s hair, Farrah did. Now this says a lot about this 110lb beautiful woman. Farrah would not let Cancer take her hair. She would not give cancer the power or glory of taking her hair. That would be a win for cancer wouldn’t it? So Farrah cut off those beautiful locks so cancer couldn’t win. Yes her hair was her brand but in the scheme of things is it the most important thing? Farrah saw her hair as an important battle for cancer to win, so she didn’t let it happen. I know very few people with that toughness, that “grit”. So when you are out there fighting your individual battles, remember there are 86400 seconds in a day. You win in small steps, seconds if you will. Just keep pushing forward.
Fight The Fight