Saturday, June 20, 2009

Farrah's Persona

I would like to address the beauty and brains of Farrah Farrah Fawcett as embodies those attributes. When Farrah was asked to describe herself she would say "tomboy". Members of the Texas football team have been quoted as saying "if she was a guy she would be on the team", and this is one of the best college football teams of the time. She was beautiful, no doubt, however she is very intelligent, astute business person and driven professional but most of all she is fearless. She had a vision in her head where she wanted to go, a plan, a path. She was in college on a completely different different path, but once the door opened in modeling. She knew something was there, not sure what, but once she got moving she would mold it to her goals. She was smart enough to walk through the door, and then move forward to her goals. She designed her life, was true to her art, which involved film, TV, sculpting and painting. But the most import thing this was a brilliant business woman fighting to be accepted as the professional she is. She holds those attributes today, still fighting convention in her treatment of her cancer. If you look a round there are numerous examples of the same attributes, your wife, girlfriend, business partner, and your models who turn helping young mothers into an international business. These people enrich our lives and if you listen will help you move forward down your path to your goals. In Farrah's case, Fight The Fight, this means what ever comes at you fight and fight with everything you got. Fight The Fight