Friday, June 12, 2009

Farrah's Vision

We have received numerous messages concerning the documentary. The original “film” named “A Wing and a Prayer” which was meant to bring to light the exceptional work done by DR. URSULA JACOB’S KLINIK finding a cure for cancer. This was not a love story, but a media manipulation for those who have just been in the shadow of others fame to fame itself. It was not the point of the video for others to use the beauty or light of a person for their own gain. This video is the story of an amazing woman with cancer and the journey to knowledge she traveled and the team of doctors in Germany she worked with. The News: this is exceptional team of doctors has found a cure for cancer. This documentary was the vehicle to educate everyone to the options available. Everyone should have the opportunity to seek these treatments and not be limited by the Medical Establishment. The good news is the word is spreading. I spoke to a business associate yesterday after his wife was recently diagnosed with liver cancer. She is in one of the top clinics in New York. She was told in essence go home and die, there is nothing we can do. Following this news, and after seeing Farrahs’ Message he sought out Dr. Jacobs and the prognosis is good. This is exactly what Farrah wanted, not settle for the status quo but to reach out for the new cures at hand.

We have received a lot of requests for an address to send the letters and gifts. I spoke with Donna Curry, The Manager of Farrah’s building. She stated that Ryan ONeal was making all decisions concerning this issue. Please Send all your cards and gifts to Farrah Fawcett C/O Ryan ONeal Pro Gym, 11943 Montana Ave # 1st Los Angeles, CA 90049 - (310) 826-6624 FIGHT THE FIGHT.
Thank you