Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Open Letter To Ryan O'Neal's Marriage Proposal

From Allen S. Miller
Publicist, FarrahFawcett.us
Hitman Public Relations

Press Release

I cannot sit by idly and watch this sad play without comment. I realize mine is not a popular opinion and is most likely the minority one. However, I recently saw the GMA episode expressing your (Ryan O’Neal’s) love and devotion to Farrah Fawcett and wish to marry her. Let’s weigh what she is getting in this package of love. For a devoted man in love with his “soul mate” I question your code and honor. As recently as May 20th, 2009, Ryan O’Neal is accused of asking a 20-year-old girl to perform lewd acts. Marin (the victim) is accusing the 67-year-old celebrity of proposing to give her a vehicle if she agreed to masturbate with him. She is reportedly a friend of the O'Neal family. O'Neal was previously arrested in September 17, after deputies discovered methamphetamines during a probation search in Malibu, where he and his 24-year-old son Redmond were living. Both men were arrested for drug possession. To my knowledge, all Mr. O’Neal’s children have been arrested and or treated for severe drug abuse. Tatum O’Neal sites several incidents of abuse by her father Ryan O’Neal in her autobiography "A Paper Life". Of late Joan Dangerfield, widow of Rodney Dangerfield, Friend of Farrah, says that Ryan and Alana Stewart are sleeping together in the guest bedroom next to their gravely sick friend Farrah Fawcett. There is film footage of the two in their bathrobes in Farrah’s Living Room, next to where Farrah is lying. Recently, Jim Fawcett, Farrah’s father came to visit his sick daughter, and stayed and as usual, wanted to stay in the guest bedroom of his sick daughters home, the same one now occupied by Alana Stewart and Ryan O’Neal. Ryan stated that he couldn’t believe “that man and his horrible wife threw me out of my bedroom” referring to Farrah’s father and his wife. Just recently, Stewart and O’Neal were seen at Fred Siegel’s in Beverly Hills, walking hand in hand and when asked by Paparazzi “how’s Farrah?” Ryan and Alana quickly stopped holding hands and said “she is doing great”. I have numerous e-mails to Farrah’s website from concerned fans asking why O’Neal is “frolicking” with younger girls and older Alana Stewart at his Malibu Beach house while professing his love to Farrah. Are these the actions of a loving committed partner, friend and supposed soul mate? Currently, Farrah weights approximate 85 lbs, and has been fed intravenously and has been in bed continuously for 70+ days. Sweet Farrah has lost approximate 40-50% of her max VO2. That means she most likely doesn’t have the physical strength to walk to the bathroom. She is weak and sleeps the majority of the time. She expends all of her energy fighting this cancer. The recent interview with O’Neal states they are going to get married. “We will (get married), as soon as she can, say yes," O'Neal said to Barbara Walters. "Maybe we can just nod her head," he joked. NOD HER HEAD FOR HER? Why expend the energy, why don’t you just sign her name to the marriage license like you’re accused of doing to the NBC contract by Farrah’s producer Craig Nevius. This pathetic statement only reinforces my assessment of her physical condition and her physical demand level. So my question is why Barbara Walters or any other reporter didn’t ask these questions. Something is really wrong here. For that matter, Farrah has been kept from this information, and for good cause, she’s fighting cancer and does not need the stress of knowing her “loved Boyfriend, Partner” is out propositioning young girls. Is this the code of honor of a man that loves his woman, who through good and bad is faithful? Are these the actions of an honorable man, let alone a man at all?
I pity O’Neal, the demons he has that have caused him to treat his children the way he has, the failing career, the wrongs that will never be righted. However, he continues along the path that has led to all these problems, so is it that he is just a waste of a human being, a narcissist, or a sociopath, I ask you. What drives the actions of this individual?
I know one thing, Farrah Fawcett has led her life with dignity and strength, she has fought cancer gallantly, and she stood up against James Orr the director that beat her up. This was not the most popular of positions in Hollywood. Coming from this attack, Farrah helped battered women shelters, and a lot of women in the same situation. Farrah stood up against UCLA and the National Enquirer for releasing her medical records. From this incident there is legislation to protect patient information. She has tried to help her drug addicted son (By Ryan) to get help only to be sabotaged by her then partner Ryan O’Neal. So what’s in this marriage for her, I ask you what qualities does Ryan O’Neal bring to this union. He says he loves her, Tina Turner said it best “WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT”.
Ryan why do you hold Farrah in so much contempt that you would do this to her, I ask you. There was a day when people like you did not even go into public, let alone be interviewed on a respected talk show. This is a sad commentary on the world we live, when your words not actions are accepted as fact. My god Dr. Laura Schlessinger has written numerous books on this very subject.