Wednesday, July 15, 2009


In my personal letter that is posted on this site and heard around the world, I showed video of O'Neal romping on the beach with a brunette as well as some other unidentified women. O’Neal during this time was allegedly, asking a 20 year old for sex acts in exchange for a car. To my knowledge that case is still pending, now O'Neal is not married and could not marry Farrah as she could not or did not accept his proposal. However, that is beside the point, O'Neal, is constantly on TV, and in news broadcasts crying and stating Farrah is the love of his life. My issue has always been, if Farrah is the love of his life, life partner, soul mate, or what other new word definition you can come up with to describe your relationship. Let me make this clear, only a low life, morally bankrupt individual, romps on the beach with other women, while the soul mate is in a bed dying of cancer. It is obscene that a person would go on TV expressing his undying love while frolicking with other women. This is a lack of respect for the woman herself, and no different than what Senator Edwards pulled. I am weary of this obscenity of a human being (Ryan O’Neal) being taken seriously or even getting his opinion printed let alone even entertained. There are many people out there, (that have written me) that believe the same thing. The big question is why is the evidence, news reports, etc being ignored for the statements of this individual.

Additionally, we brought to the attention of everyone that Alana is actually the woman she is exposed to be. We alerted everyone on the statements that were made by Alana, the camera person, her ethics etc. to her motives for cashing in on this tragedy. We exposed the fact that the diary was missing, statement made on tape within the journal, eyewitness etc all stating the same thing. All ignored.

My original question stands. Who moved the rock and let these people crawl out. Who does this? It just amazes me.

Griffin O’Neal and Greg Lott are working very hard to expose the truth. They should be listened too and applauded. This takes strength, and the man deserves our respect.