Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Ryan O’Neal may not be the loving, doting partner he’s portrayed himself to be, according to several of Farrah’s friends and family members. They have come forward with surprising accusations including that Ryan became too close to her best friend Alana Stewart. “They were sharing a room together,” Ryan’s son Griffin O’Neal, who is estranged from his father, but is still close with other family member and friends, tells In Touch. But a rep for both Ryan and Alana denies any impropriety. Javier Salazar, a hired companion for Redmond for the past year, also confirms to In Touch that he thinks “Ryan and Alana’s relationship was fishy.” In fact, Griffin reveals that Farrah’s father, Jim, once visited her from Houston when she was ill and walked in on Ryan and Alana together in a spare bedroom. Griffin says. “It made Jim uncomfortable, so he packed his bags and went home.” “Ryan and Alana are a little too cozy with each other,” a former business associate of Farrah’s tells In Touch. “It is raising eyebrows. They both stayed at Farrah’s in the end.” And in May, family friend Dania Marin filed a restraining order against Ryan after he allegedly sexually harassed her for phone sex. “He freaked me out,” she says.

According to Griffin, “Ryan was using Farrah for her money and fame.” Farrah, who Griffin says was worth about $20 million, may not have left anything to Ryan in her will. “Redmond will get most of that if he can keep it together,” Griffin adds. According to Griffin, Farrah stayed with Ryan for so long “for Redmond. Just to let him know they were a family unit.” But Griffin said Ryan was never a good father to Redmond or his other three children — Griffin, Tatum, 45, and Patrick, 41. In addition to never celebrating the kids’ birthdays and never getting them Christmas presents, “He set no boundaries,” the former business associate says. “He never wanted to be a father. It was too much responsibility for him. He liked the kids around as long as it didn’t interfere with him. If he and Farrah were watching a movie, he’d try to shoo Red from the room.” “He was violent all my life to all of the kids,” Griffin claims. “He punched my teeth out when I was 16. He shot a gun at me once and missed. He’s an uncaring man.” Ryan described his actions as self-defense.

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