Monday, July 27, 2009

Due to significant issues with copyright ownership, etc, will not be returning online to sell Farrah Fawcett memorabilia. My Lott does appear to be authorized or licensed to sell the likeness of Farrah Fawcett online or anywhere else for that matter. Mr. Lott was the manager of www.FarrahFawcett.US and held a minority 25% stake in the ownership with Ms. Fawcett in this website. As you are aware the licensing rights have reverted to the Farrah Fawcett’s estate on June 25 2009 when she succumbed to her long battle with Cancer. Mr. Lott was attempting to find a server to hold the web page to no avail. Mr. Lott was attempting to look overseas for a site outside the reach of United States laws and jurisdiction.

I realize there are numerous people out there that have not received the items they have ordered prior to the site being taken down by the law firm working for the estate of Farrah Fawcett. Many people have reportedly sent complaints to Paypal as well as their credit card companies, and in one instance to the FBI. I have no response to this as Mr. Lott has not responded to our repeated phone calls or emails. Mr. Lott's email address is . I hope this sheds light on our position in this relationship. When and if Mr. Lott provides us more information as to what course of action he is taking we will keep you apprised.