Thursday, July 2, 2009

Griffin O'Neal Interview on CNN Showbiz

Griffin O'Neal's Interview on CNN's Showbiz stating his father, Ryan O'Neal is a "dark man" connected to (Farrah's Funeral) "for all the wrong reasons". Griffin, says his father was expecting "a large payday" from Farrah Fawcetts death. Griffin was denied access to Farrah's funeral, and the ability to say goodbye to his longtime friend and stepmother. Greg Lott, Farrah's longtime lover and friend says that Farrah loved Griffin and was very appreciative of Griffin's action in saving his brother, her son's life. Griffin states in the interview that he "knows so much more" and the "truth will come out".

On a personal Note, I have had the honor of meeting Griffin O'Neal, he is a very strong, and honorable man who wants his brother Redmond to get the help he needs. Griffin wants the truth to come out and his father to pay for all the abuse as described in his sister Tatum's book, "A Paper Life". Griffin, his lovely, wife JoAnne, and their 2 year old son make a strong and formidable team. Griffin, Tatum, and Redmond deserve our support, trust and understanding.