Thursday, July 2, 2009

How I Met Farrah

In my early years when I started out, I was bodyguard to Dinah Shore, who was good friends with Farrah, and her then husband Lee Majors. I got the chance to meet Farrah at a dinner and showing of Lee Major’s Movie- Francis Gary Powers. They had come to Dinah’s house and Pauline the housekeeper as usual made an amazing dinner. I had the opportunity to be around Dinah and Pauline who were to say the least amazing spirits. They loved Farrah, and thought she was the sweetest of people. Pauline loved Farrah, they both loved to cook, and ironically Pauline was Farrah's mothers name. I got close to Pauline because I say her 6 days a week for several years along with Dinah. Farrah and Lee arrived that night for dinner in a new Porsche Turbo Carrera. I let them, in and they were very nice. Lee had almost run out of gas getting to the house for dinner, and let’s say Farrah was asking Lee why he didn't get gas. Now this hit home as my girlfriend always asks why I hate to get gas, I guess its a guy thing. anyway. Lee comes out of the house and asked if one of the security people could drive his car and get gas. Dinah ok’d it and we had other guys on the property, so sometimes the boss gets the perks, I jumped at the chance to drive the new Turbo Porsche Carrera. I raced that car and got it up to 90 going down Beverly to Rodeo. I got back to house and gave the car back wishing that I could have one, this was 1978. Farrah was really sweat, I was just the bodyguard, and she treated me as she did everyone like we all were something very special. Later on, Farrah was kind enough to sign an outtake copy of the photograph of her and the cougar for me. I still have that picture. When she decided to divorce Lee Majors, I was asked to be the scout with the security team watching the Mulholland house. I was a bodyguard for years, actors, music people the whole gambit, but Farrah, was genuinely nice, treated us like she had known us for years. She went out of her way to make us feel comfortable. When Greg Lott contacted me and asked me for help, and showing me the letters, we’ll you can go from there.