Monday, July 6, 2009

John Hopkins Update - A Hoax

I posted this Cancer update, that I got from a trusted source to the blog today. I am sorry to hear that its a hoax. However, the information in this email is not a hoax. These references to certain carcinogenic causes have been widely published and accepted. The information is correct, however the heading that its under is not. Take it for what you will, and digest the information. In the past couple of years I have lost a few people to Cancer. The types range from Skin to Anal Cancer. The original vision of Farrah's was to get this information to the public so everyone could benefit. That vision is going to be realized. Regardless of what the other camp does or does not do, really does not matter, its what we do that counts. Greg Lott is committed to getting Farrah's message out. There will be a referral network, so people can take advantage of treatment that have been proven to work. Nobody needs to spend their time trying to access information it should be all in one place and easily accessible.