Friday, July 3, 2009

Mike Pingel Unsung Hero's In Farrah's Life

Another unsung hero in Farrah’s life is Mike Pingel of Mike was Farrah's assistant (from Nov 2005- Oct 2007) when Greg Lott and Farrah started He was instrumental in helping create the product with Farrah and Greg including the Fight The Fight t-shirt artwork, photos and posters. To make clear everything on the Farrah’s website including the news and product were all approved by Farrah and was managed by Greg Lott.

As her assistant Mike had many jobs he ran her house, helped with publicity, cooked for her, screened her calls (which made him many enemies) and was the webmaster for per Farrah’s request.

He was a devoted friend to her and when she got sick from the treatment, he cleaned it up. Here is something you probably don’t know and has been overlooked; during October 2006 to February 2007 Mike drove Farrah to UCLA for treatment every week and surprisingly was never stalked by the paparazzi, yet unlike Ryan O’Neal who seemed to be photographed every time he drove her there. Interesting don’t you think.

I was shocked to find out Mike was not allowed to go to the funeral to mourn his friend. This was shamefully disrespectful to a man who stood by his Angel.