Thursday, July 2, 2009

Unsung Heroes-Griffin O'Neal

There has been allot of press about Griffin O'Neal being banned from Farrah's Funeral. This man, saved Redmond's life on numerous occasions. Remember Griffin was a kid growing up with Farrah as his step-mother. She loved him and knew all the things he did to help her son. He had grown up and was a victim of abuse by his father Ryan and tried desperatly to help his brother. He is an amazing, tough and honorable individual. He has been in contact with Farrah's secret lover and friend, Greg Lott and they were able to share stories and help each other through the pain of thier mutual loss. Farrah loved Griffin very much, and discussed all the things Griffin had done to help her and her son. In one instance Griffin took Farrah to the hospital after Ryan alledgedly broke Farrah's arm in an argument. This very honorable man has been there and knows the truth of abuse, he had more of a right to be at that funeral than his father. For those of us who know what you did we will be eternally grateful. Thank you Griffin, many are proud of you. Allen S. Miller