Thursday, August 27, 2009

Greg Lott & Farrah Fawcett-The Untold Story

Recent questions have arisen as to why Greg had not seen Farrah in almost 3 years prior to her death. The question I am continually asked “If Greg loved Farrah so much why didn’t he see her?” The answer, "I didn't want to see her like that" Greg stated in his recent interview. Mr. Lott unable to find work, and washing cars in Lubbock, Tx found a way through Farrah to earn extra money selling her pictures and memorabilia online through the website. Greg Lott was contractually bound to send 75% of the proceeds from to help her charities and ailing father. As Farrah was living her last days, Greg's only mission was to have Farrah sign over her rights to the website and her likeness to him so he could profit further. Ryan O’Neal thwarted those plans by denying Greg access to Farrah when he was here from Texas. Additionally, Greg was advertising on the his ability to have a “personalized autographed photo of Farrah Fawcett” available for an additional fee. Greg continually sold these pictures to awaiting fans without having the ability to reach or see the dyeing Icon. Questions continually arise as to how these pictures magically contained Farrahs’ personalized wishes to her fans. Complaints of mail fraud, forgery and fraud have been lodged at Greg Lott and The website and Farrah’s likeness are owned by Farrah’s estate and ultimately Redmond O’Neal. Today, the website is up and selling Farrah’s merchandise, so Greg is once again profiting from Farrah Fawcett ultimately cheating Farrah’s estate of the money it deserves. Yes Greg Fight the Fight for one more dollar from Farrah.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Alana & Ryan Profiting from Vanity Fair Article of Farrah!

First let me thank Alana for the plug of my blog on ET the other night, I love being right. Anyway, it has been brought to my attention, that product placement is alive and well in the Vanity Fair Article. Yes, Ryan and Alana capitalizing on the death of their "Best Friend" and "Love of My Life". Case in point, I refer to page 308 of the Vanity Fair piece which ran last week on Farrah. There are two pictures, one of Ryan on Farrah's bed following her death and one of Alana and Ryan on Farrah's terrace after her death. All the other pictures were from the past but in these pictures, Ryan is wearing Prada and Alana is wearing Theory. See we were right, Ryan and Alana obviously got paid for advertising these products; note the credits on the right side of the page indicating the brand names. This is no different that models wearing clothes in GQ, with the brands listed on the opposite page.

It is despicable that these two would use an article about Farrah's life and death to make another couple of bucks. Ryan in Prada on Farrah's bed and Alana in Theory, These two greedy, morally corrupt people profit every way they can from his "lover" and her "best friends" death." Who thinks this way, when I have lost friends my only thought was to help the family, and try and cope with the deep loss of losing one’s friend or loved one. This would have never have crossed my mind.

It has been my contention from the beginning that these two vultures saw an opportunity to capitalize on the death of Farrah Fawcett and have from the time Farrah’s end was near. As I originally wrote, Alana started selling Farrah’s memorabilia before she was even buried. On the day of Farrah’s death, Ryan grabbed a brief case from Farrah’s condo within hours of her death. A few days ago, one of Ryan’s flunkies was spotted driving around Malibu in Farrah’s car. Now I am told Ryan and Alana are shopping the documentary of Farrah’s’ last days. What new products or clothes will be strategically placed in the documentary? Maybe there could be a cut away during some of the saddest parts to commercial for an anti depression medication. Here’s an idea, maybe a commercial with the voice over “staying up late with a sick friend, use Brand X Energizer Drink”. The empty can be strategically stacked on the bedside table. Here’s another suggestion for Ryan, maybe a product endorsement for Jenny Craig or the manzier (the bra for men premiered in Seinfeld). What type of person plots to make a profit from someone’s death, are times that tough Ryan? Entertaining those younger women on the beach can be expensive, (especially the Viagra costs) wait there is another product endorsement idea.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Buyer Beware! Backup & Selling.

In clear violation of the "cease and desist order" by Farrah Fawcett's estate. In light of all the customer complaints and accusations of fraud to the FBI and the Postal Inspectors. With customers still complaining that they have yet to receive the items they bought prior to Farrah's death. Despite all of this Greg Lott has decided in his wisdom, to put publish the website. Yes he's selling Farrah's pictures and memorabilia. At least he took down "proceeds go to charity" line from the website. Now just assuming here, the car washing gig, didn't make enough money to produce all the items that were backlogged to awaiting customers. My theory Greg is taking orders on new items to make money to produce the items to sell to the awaiting customers. Now this is very similar to what Bernie Maddoff did to his many clients, it's called a ponzi scheme. Named after the famous con man Charles Ponzi Now I have reported before, that Greg Lott, attempted to see Farrah to sign over her rights in the website to Greg aka (Relentless Corp) for 10.00. I see the website is owned Relentless Corp. Now I know that Greg did not get FF permission to put this site up and no contracts were signed when Greg Lott was here as he was unable to see Farrah. So how did he get the permission to publish this site and in essance take money again from Farrah's Estate.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Alana Stewart - Much To Do About Nothiing

Attorney's for Alana Stewart have sent me the attached letter telling me to take the references to Alana Stewart down. Let me begin by saying, I am a big fan of Mr. Weitzman, the case he presented for entrepreneur John DeLorean was nothing short of amazing. The case had foreign governments, corruption etc all being thrown at one brilliant guy DeLorean. Rolling Stone magazine broke the story, Mr. Weitzman, stood up to the federal government as well as other concerns, and there were many, in regards to this case. It is a case that should never be forgotten for a litany of reasons.

When I received this letter, the first thing I thought was boy "book sales must be dragging". Alana's got to get some press and nothing sells better than controversy. The second thing I thought was, "I am not going to feed into this beast and I will go on my marry way". After the Greg Lott debacle, I really didn't want to see anymore of Alana, Ryan, and Greg. I thought, thank god Farrah saw through all of this human debris and got the last laugh. To this day I still can't believe what I was witness too. But when I got Alana on these talk shows twisting facts well, here we again.

First I want to thank Alana for the referencing me on ET as "that blogger". Alana knows who I am as she was providing stories about Farrah to Joan Dangerfield while Farrah was in the last days of fight against cancer. According to Lott, FF had kept a video journals for a long while prior to and after her diagnosis of Cancer. FF hired Alana to film her for the "wing and a prayer" video that Nevius was producing. Now there is still a lawsuit over the facts of this relationship, and how much she was to be paid, and the location of the video tapes that Alana retained.

What seems to be so offensive to Alana, is the statements I wrote on August 5th in my blog. I wrote "there are video out takes of Alana & Ryan together in robes, without apparent clothes underneath, in the living room of Farrah's home, while she was in the bed next door. Outside of porn, their was some very "interesting" behavior". The weekend that Jim Fawcett came into town the to see FF pior to his death, he stayed in the guest bedroom. I was told, by inside sources Ryan and Alana were upset because "they were thrown out of their bedroom". The night they were thrown out of the bedroom they Alana Stewart and Ryan O'Neal retired to his malibu beach house. When Jim Fawcett left, according to sources they moved back in to the guest bedroom.

Now what's interesting here is I never indicated their was an illicit affair. I said "outside of porn", the behavior was interesting. Meaning that their was no porn meaning sex, but their behavior is interesting, and it was. This was the same time or shortly after, Ryan was being arrainged in court for alledgedly propositioning a young woman for a sex act. Ryan was seen on the beach frollicking with other women on beach in front of his malibu beach house etc. So Alana's statement's indicating that FF and Ryan were planning to get married must be fiction. What amazes me is that my little blog, is responsible for Alana running from show to show denying that she slept with Ryan O'Neal. I think you protest you loudly.

Ryan and Alana took the publicity to its current level, not me.. Frankly I've never seen this many denials since the OJ trial, sorry couldn't hold back the joke. For you out there that don't remember Mr. Weitzman represented OJ with other law greats, during the murder trial.

Now I did report that Ms. Stewart was selling "Farrah Fawcett Memorabilia" on ebay immediately following her death. This good friend of Farrah, as she notes in her interviews sold personal items given to her by Farrah on ebay. Better yet they were sold on the day of the funeral. This of course she doesn't respond too. In my opinion, Alana, is just one more oportunist attempting to profit off of Farrah Fawcett. Alana saw an oportunity and took it, according to sources Farrah had a specific plan for her videolog and the message it was to deliver, as well as the messenger. Its difficult to believe, after all the steps Farrah took to film her struggle, she picked Alana as the messenger. There is an old saying you can put lipstick on a pig, its still a pig.

The stories, and observations I wrote on this blog have been published by more notable publications than mine, ie ET, TMZ, National Enquirer, to say a few. Mr. Weitzman Are they getting letters? If not, what's holding you back, tap that book advance and send them out. The problem with this advice, She'll run out of money, and then we would have to sit through yet another droll interview on NBC. Or better, she'll marry some poor schmuck and take his money, probably to the delight of Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Stewart.

Next we may post a comparison of FF estate and O'Neal's estate to refute Alana's statements on Fox.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Greg Lott In Search of The Will

There is a growing number of people that write me, after speaking with Greg Lott saying he "is in the will". Greg Lott still thinks he will be a the person to receive her image , or the title of holding her image rights, Additionally, Greg now proclaims that he was told by Farrah, that it is he that is to guide Redmond and her estate.

If he was in the will we would know. Farrah left her "estate" to her son. Farrah choose her manager Bernie Francis and his son to be executors of the estate. I think Greg has exaggerated his importance in his own mind. He is not getting Farrah' likeness, watching over her estate or Redmond for that matter. As much as he wishes this to be true it's not. Now Farrah was a very bright, astute business woman. She watched Greg run and market her website without any return. Simply put, it looks like he kept any money due her. There are other words for this like cheat, steal, embezzlement and a few more. Greg, after the website was published, he never in 3 years came out to see Farrah, until he realized she was in her last days. With that in mind he manufactures new contacts, signing over her rights to the likeness to him. Now I ask you, knowing Farrah as the intelligent woman that she was, put yourself in her shoes for a minute, would you leave any of that to Greg?

What Greg fails to understand is that she gave him the most important of things and that was her for a brief time. She gave people little things like the rosary he has around his neck. That was what was most important and valuable to her gifts from the heart. Remember in the end she was a girl from Corpus Christi TX. She was an artist, sensitive, intelligent loving mother. So the most special of gifts are from the heart. Not the trappings of wealth. He of all people should know this. Farrah gave Alana an inexpensive pair of earrings, she sold them on ebay. Anyway, ff saw these earring and thought they would be perfect for Alana, I think she bought them for Mella as well. This present came from the heart they maybe cost 100.00. But they were from the heart does the cost or financial value matter? Anyway, Farrah sent letters, notes, cards, small gifts expressions of love. This is what was important to Farrah. She gave Greg little things, again expression's of love. Greg says he gave Farrah lighters, why because she liked lighters again expression from the heart. Now Greg is disappointed he didn't get a gift of wealth. The likeness is a gift of wealth as it's marketing value is approximately $300k a year. Greg does not want to wash cars anymore. He feels entitled to some form of wealth from Farrah. She got hers its Greg's time now, he would say. The most important loved one got everything, her son Redmond. These other people are adults they can go get a job, work, why support them forever. Greg, has lived his whole life for the payoff and it never came. Good, she was an extremely intelligent woman.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

E True Hollywood Story

To quote a friend "this silliness with Geg Lott is finally over". The last show has closed the door on Greg, and as E THS focused on the positive sides of Farrah's life and the inspiration she continues to be. Maybe this will allow everyone to move on and honor what she instill hope, educate everyone to the treatment alternatives of cancer, and ultimately a cure. Everyone give to a charity of your choice to find a cure, do it in Farrah's name.

Things Said At Farrah's Funeral

Oh hey how ya doing, I'm a movie star, you got a drink on you, got a car? OH sorry honey, how's mommy?


I am the one that broke this story in this blog. I observed O'Neal & Stewart at the beach house after Jim Fawcett came to see his daughter. Alana was there all night. Additionally, Mella confirmed they were staying in the same bedroom next to Farrah's overnight. Thirdly, their is video out takes of Alana & Ryan together in robes, without apparent clothes underneath, in the living room of Farrah's home, while she was in the bed next door. Outside of porn, their was some very "interesting" behavior. I alerted Griffin who was nice enough to include it in his interviews.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Allegations of Forgery & Mail Fraud Haunt Lott

Many people that bought and received “personalized” autographed pictures are complaining that they were defrauded. Farrah Fawcett from Easter 2009 to her death on June 25, 2009 was incapable of signing documents. Additionally, Greg Lott had not had physical contact with Fawcett, since the inception of the website in 2005. The question that needs answering, how did these autographed pictures magically appear to the awaiting fans? If these photos were fakes then who signed the pictures for Lott or did Lott himself sign the pictures? Incidentally, Mr. Lott carries a copy of Farrah’s signature in his wallet at all times. Regardless, these allegations need to be investigated, and answered. Mr. Lott was not available for comment.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Greg Lott Cheats Dying Farrah Out of Money!

Farrah Fawcett, while at Texas University meet Greg Lott, the Star College Football Quarterback at a fraternity party, started what was to be a long love affair. In their junior year of College, their paths took dramatically different turns. Farrah’s path took her to Hollywood and Greg’s took him to jail. Mr. Lott had an on and off love affair with Farrah Fawcett following her divorce from Lee Majors. Farrah Fawcett and Greg Lott again reignited their love affair in 1998 and continued a secret love affair through to her death, June 25, 2009. Through those years, Farrah and Greg exchanged numerous love letters, describing the intimate details of their affair. Farrah and Greg published to sell Farrah’s memorabilia online to help support Farrah’s charities, and ailing father, Jim Fawcett and give Greg Lott additional financial support.

What Greg Lott will not tell you in his August 5, 2009 interview on E True Hollywood Story is that he cheated his longtime secret lover out of several thousand dollars. Greg Lott, states in his interview that Farrah is “the love of his life and best friend” and “the truth of their relationship must come out”. However, what he never tells E True Hollywood Story is how he never sent any revenue consistent with their contract amounting to a $100,000.00 to an estimated $500,000.00. Mr. Lott had trouble finding work following his drug convictions in the 70’s and 80’s and was “washing cars for a living” in Lubbock Tx. Farrah in an attempt to help her lover and friend developed the website in 2005 as a way to raise money for charity, help support her ailing father and give Greg a living. The website was the idea of Farrah Fawcett and came to fruitarian with the help of Farrah’s assistant Mike Pingel in 2005. The financial arrangements of the contract indicate 75% ownership was to be retained by Farrah Fawcett and the remaining 25% was held by Greg Lott for managing the site. Greg Lott provided the day to day operations, as to take orders, send memorabilia and market the site.

Greg Lott states he talked to Farrah on the phone several times a day until Farrah’s return from Germany. Upon Farrah’s return in April 2009, Ryan O’Neal, came back into Farrahs’ life to assist her in what was to be her final days. Mr. Lott states, that during the 2009 Easter weekend, Mr. O’Neal, along with Bernie Francis, opened Farrah’s personal safe discovering the love letters from Greg Lott to Farrah along with personal Polaroid’s of Greg and Farrah together. During that time Ryan O’Neal with a signed power of attorney from Farrah Fawcett, cut Mr. Lott off from all access to Farrah except her doctors, Alana Stewart and Mella Murphy. When Greg was unable to reach Farrah by phone, he flew from Lubbock TX, to see Farrah at her home at The Wilshire; Ryan O’Neal denied access to Greg, never letting him see his dying long time secret lover. Mr. Lott, however all the while, selling Farrah’s memorabilia online and keeping the money. In the weeks following the Easter news release of Farrah’s’ declining health, Greg Lott collected more than $20,000.00 dollars in sales. Farrah, with a feeding tube, laying in her bed, the love of her life was selling her memorabilia cheating her out of money, subsequently profiting off her declining condition. Mr. Lott is currently writing his book, about his life with Farrah Fawcett.