Monday, August 24, 2009

Alana & Ryan Profiting from Vanity Fair Article of Farrah!

First let me thank Alana for the plug of my blog on ET the other night, I love being right. Anyway, it has been brought to my attention, that product placement is alive and well in the Vanity Fair Article. Yes, Ryan and Alana capitalizing on the death of their "Best Friend" and "Love of My Life". Case in point, I refer to page 308 of the Vanity Fair piece which ran last week on Farrah. There are two pictures, one of Ryan on Farrah's bed following her death and one of Alana and Ryan on Farrah's terrace after her death. All the other pictures were from the past but in these pictures, Ryan is wearing Prada and Alana is wearing Theory. See we were right, Ryan and Alana obviously got paid for advertising these products; note the credits on the right side of the page indicating the brand names. This is no different that models wearing clothes in GQ, with the brands listed on the opposite page.

It is despicable that these two would use an article about Farrah's life and death to make another couple of bucks. Ryan in Prada on Farrah's bed and Alana in Theory, These two greedy, morally corrupt people profit every way they can from his "lover" and her "best friends" death." Who thinks this way, when I have lost friends my only thought was to help the family, and try and cope with the deep loss of losing one’s friend or loved one. This would have never have crossed my mind.

It has been my contention from the beginning that these two vultures saw an opportunity to capitalize on the death of Farrah Fawcett and have from the time Farrah’s end was near. As I originally wrote, Alana started selling Farrah’s memorabilia before she was even buried. On the day of Farrah’s death, Ryan grabbed a brief case from Farrah’s condo within hours of her death. A few days ago, one of Ryan’s flunkies was spotted driving around Malibu in Farrah’s car. Now I am told Ryan and Alana are shopping the documentary of Farrah’s’ last days. What new products or clothes will be strategically placed in the documentary? Maybe there could be a cut away during some of the saddest parts to commercial for an anti depression medication. Here’s an idea, maybe a commercial with the voice over “staying up late with a sick friend, use Brand X Energizer Drink”. The empty can be strategically stacked on the bedside table. Here’s another suggestion for Ryan, maybe a product endorsement for Jenny Craig or the manzier (the bra for men premiered in Seinfeld). What type of person plots to make a profit from someone’s death, are times that tough Ryan? Entertaining those younger women on the beach can be expensive, (especially the Viagra costs) wait there is another product endorsement idea.