Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Alana Stewart - Much To Do About Nothiing

Attorney's for Alana Stewart have sent me the attached letter telling me to take the references to Alana Stewart down. Let me begin by saying, I am a big fan of Mr. Weitzman, the case he presented for entrepreneur John DeLorean was nothing short of amazing. The case had foreign governments, corruption etc all being thrown at one brilliant guy DeLorean. Rolling Stone magazine broke the story, Mr. Weitzman, stood up to the federal government as well as other concerns, and there were many, in regards to this case. It is a case that should never be forgotten for a litany of reasons.

When I received this letter, the first thing I thought was boy "book sales must be dragging". Alana's got to get some press and nothing sells better than controversy. The second thing I thought was, "I am not going to feed into this beast and I will go on my marry way". After the Greg Lott debacle, I really didn't want to see anymore of Alana, Ryan, and Greg. I thought, thank god Farrah saw through all of this human debris and got the last laugh. To this day I still can't believe what I was witness too. But when I got Alana on these talk shows twisting facts well, here we again.

First I want to thank Alana for the referencing me on ET as "that blogger". Alana knows who I am as she was providing stories about Farrah to Joan Dangerfield while Farrah was in the last days of fight against cancer. According to Lott, FF had kept a video journals for a long while prior to and after her diagnosis of Cancer. FF hired Alana to film her for the "wing and a prayer" video that Nevius was producing. Now there is still a lawsuit over the facts of this relationship, and how much she was to be paid, and the location of the video tapes that Alana retained.

What seems to be so offensive to Alana, is the statements I wrote on August 5th in my blog. I wrote "there are video out takes of Alana & Ryan together in robes, without apparent clothes underneath, in the living room of Farrah's home, while she was in the bed next door. Outside of porn, their was some very "interesting" behavior". The weekend that Jim Fawcett came into town the to see FF pior to his death, he stayed in the guest bedroom. I was told, by inside sources Ryan and Alana were upset because "they were thrown out of their bedroom". The night they were thrown out of the bedroom they Alana Stewart and Ryan O'Neal retired to his malibu beach house. When Jim Fawcett left, according to sources they moved back in to the guest bedroom.

Now what's interesting here is I never indicated their was an illicit affair. I said "outside of porn", the behavior was interesting. Meaning that their was no porn meaning sex, but their behavior is interesting, and it was. This was the same time or shortly after, Ryan was being arrainged in court for alledgedly propositioning a young woman for a sex act. Ryan was seen on the beach frollicking with other women on beach in front of his malibu beach house etc. So Alana's statement's indicating that FF and Ryan were planning to get married must be fiction. What amazes me is that my little blog, is responsible for Alana running from show to show denying that she slept with Ryan O'Neal. I think you protest you loudly.

Ryan and Alana took the publicity to its current level, not me.. Frankly I've never seen this many denials since the OJ trial, sorry couldn't hold back the joke. For you out there that don't remember Mr. Weitzman represented OJ with other law greats, during the murder trial.

Now I did report that Ms. Stewart was selling "Farrah Fawcett Memorabilia" on ebay immediately following her death. This good friend of Farrah, as she notes in her interviews sold personal items given to her by Farrah on ebay. Better yet they were sold on the day of the funeral. This of course she doesn't respond too. In my opinion, Alana, is just one more oportunist attempting to profit off of Farrah Fawcett. Alana saw an oportunity and took it, according to sources Farrah had a specific plan for her videolog and the message it was to deliver, as well as the messenger. Its difficult to believe, after all the steps Farrah took to film her struggle, she picked Alana as the messenger. There is an old saying you can put lipstick on a pig, its still a pig.

The stories, and observations I wrote on this blog have been published by more notable publications than mine, ie ET, TMZ, National Enquirer, to say a few. Mr. Weitzman Are they getting letters? If not, what's holding you back, tap that book advance and send them out. The problem with this advice, She'll run out of money, and then we would have to sit through yet another droll interview on NBC. Or better, she'll marry some poor schmuck and take his money, probably to the delight of Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Stewart.

Next we may post a comparison of FF estate and O'Neal's estate to refute Alana's statements on Fox.