Thursday, August 13, 2009

Buyer Beware! Backup & Selling.

In clear violation of the "cease and desist order" by Farrah Fawcett's estate. In light of all the customer complaints and accusations of fraud to the FBI and the Postal Inspectors. With customers still complaining that they have yet to receive the items they bought prior to Farrah's death. Despite all of this Greg Lott has decided in his wisdom, to put publish the website. Yes he's selling Farrah's pictures and memorabilia. At least he took down "proceeds go to charity" line from the website. Now just assuming here, the car washing gig, didn't make enough money to produce all the items that were backlogged to awaiting customers. My theory Greg is taking orders on new items to make money to produce the items to sell to the awaiting customers. Now this is very similar to what Bernie Maddoff did to his many clients, it's called a ponzi scheme. Named after the famous con man Charles Ponzi Now I have reported before, that Greg Lott, attempted to see Farrah to sign over her rights in the website to Greg aka (Relentless Corp) for 10.00. I see the website is owned Relentless Corp. Now I know that Greg did not get FF permission to put this site up and no contracts were signed when Greg Lott was here as he was unable to see Farrah. So how did he get the permission to publish this site and in essance take money again from Farrah's Estate.