Thursday, August 27, 2009

Greg Lott & Farrah Fawcett-The Untold Story

Recent questions have arisen as to why Greg had not seen Farrah in almost 3 years prior to her death. The question I am continually asked “If Greg loved Farrah so much why didn’t he see her?” The answer, "I didn't want to see her like that" Greg stated in his recent interview. Mr. Lott unable to find work, and washing cars in Lubbock, Tx found a way through Farrah to earn extra money selling her pictures and memorabilia online through the website. Greg Lott was contractually bound to send 75% of the proceeds from to help her charities and ailing father. As Farrah was living her last days, Greg's only mission was to have Farrah sign over her rights to the website and her likeness to him so he could profit further. Ryan O’Neal thwarted those plans by denying Greg access to Farrah when he was here from Texas. Additionally, Greg was advertising on the his ability to have a “personalized autographed photo of Farrah Fawcett” available for an additional fee. Greg continually sold these pictures to awaiting fans without having the ability to reach or see the dyeing Icon. Questions continually arise as to how these pictures magically contained Farrahs’ personalized wishes to her fans. Complaints of mail fraud, forgery and fraud have been lodged at Greg Lott and The website and Farrah’s likeness are owned by Farrah’s estate and ultimately Redmond O’Neal. Today, the website is up and selling Farrah’s merchandise, so Greg is once again profiting from Farrah Fawcett ultimately cheating Farrah’s estate of the money it deserves. Yes Greg Fight the Fight for one more dollar from Farrah.