Friday, August 7, 2009

Greg Lott In Search of The Will

There is a growing number of people that write me, after speaking with Greg Lott saying he "is in the will". Greg Lott still thinks he will be a the person to receive her image , or the title of holding her image rights, Additionally, Greg now proclaims that he was told by Farrah, that it is he that is to guide Redmond and her estate.

If he was in the will we would know. Farrah left her "estate" to her son. Farrah choose her manager Bernie Francis and his son to be executors of the estate. I think Greg has exaggerated his importance in his own mind. He is not getting Farrah' likeness, watching over her estate or Redmond for that matter. As much as he wishes this to be true it's not. Now Farrah was a very bright, astute business woman. She watched Greg run and market her website without any return. Simply put, it looks like he kept any money due her. There are other words for this like cheat, steal, embezzlement and a few more. Greg, after the website was published, he never in 3 years came out to see Farrah, until he realized she was in her last days. With that in mind he manufactures new contacts, signing over her rights to the likeness to him. Now I ask you, knowing Farrah as the intelligent woman that she was, put yourself in her shoes for a minute, would you leave any of that to Greg?

What Greg fails to understand is that she gave him the most important of things and that was her for a brief time. She gave people little things like the rosary he has around his neck. That was what was most important and valuable to her gifts from the heart. Remember in the end she was a girl from Corpus Christi TX. She was an artist, sensitive, intelligent loving mother. So the most special of gifts are from the heart. Not the trappings of wealth. He of all people should know this. Farrah gave Alana an inexpensive pair of earrings, she sold them on ebay. Anyway, ff saw these earring and thought they would be perfect for Alana, I think she bought them for Mella as well. This present came from the heart they maybe cost 100.00. But they were from the heart does the cost or financial value matter? Anyway, Farrah sent letters, notes, cards, small gifts expressions of love. This is what was important to Farrah. She gave Greg little things, again expression's of love. Greg says he gave Farrah lighters, why because she liked lighters again expression from the heart. Now Greg is disappointed he didn't get a gift of wealth. The likeness is a gift of wealth as it's marketing value is approximately $300k a year. Greg does not want to wash cars anymore. He feels entitled to some form of wealth from Farrah. She got hers its Greg's time now, he would say. The most important loved one got everything, her son Redmond. These other people are adults they can go get a job, work, why support them forever. Greg, has lived his whole life for the payoff and it never came. Good, she was an extremely intelligent woman.