Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Greg Lott-Here We Go Again.

Greg Lott screaming from the highest mountain to nobody that cares has made OK magazine. He has finally and sadly got his 15 minutes of fame profiting from the death of Farrah Fawcett In the article he states that he tried to see Farrah and he was denied access by Ryan O'Neal. Greg explains that Ryan had read the love letters and his description of Ryan as a F-- F--- . This is simply not true, Greg had attempted to see Farrah as he heard she was deathly ill and was close to death. Greg's plan was to have FF sign her rights to her likeness and website over to his corporation for $10.00. Greg unable to get past the front desk, slipped into the building and slipped a note under Farrah's back door. Greg states that this note plead Farrah to see him so he could have the website and its profits. Farrah and Ryan found the note and had security remove Greg from the building. So in an act of desperation, Greg explains that he forged her name on the contracts and sent him to his attorney. I imagine that FF had Greg removed as she was disappointed in her "lover" as he had cheated her out of money that was to go to charity. Greg's who's only claim to fame was that he played football once for Texas, and never succeeded at anything other than going to jail. Is now succeeding at once again living off Farrah. While Farrah was on her death bed Greg's only thoughts were to save his livelihood. He had not seen Farrah for years prior to her death, never sending money, in essance cheater her and charity out of money. My question, why did Farrah continue to support this guy, was it just pity.