Monday, October 12, 2009

Greg Lott - Farrah's Secret Romance

I have been fairly quiet on this issue, for many reasons. One of which is: Why help this self aggrandizing individual proselytize himself further on the death of Farrah? Now here is what has happened. I was contacted by Dylan Howard, Editor of Crocmedia, the company that owns OK magazine, for an interview. Mr. Howard had flow out to Greg’s “home” (3707 24th Street Lubbock, TX 79410) in Lubbock, TX for 3 days to Greg Lott. Mr. Howard, states that after the interview he thought, Greg was credible despite the several claims of fraud, mail fraud, and all the other numerous complaints fans have voiced. My blog has been described as revengeful, spiteful, and of course my favorite nasty by some of the best in the business. This may be, the reality of the situation, and the events surrounding Farrah’s death, were disgusting at best. The actions of the people that were closest to her have used her death to profit. These pathetic people that couldn’t earn a living on their own, whom had never accomplished one thing other meeting Farrah Fawcett, are shouting from the roof tops that they knew her and slept with her. Lott who’s only claim to fame is that he knew Farrah Fawcett; this is a man whose only real accomplishment is that he was too stupid to get away with a crime and went to jail. He played football in 1966, got hurt and never played after that. A success is one who overcomes diversity and accomplishes something. Greg has waited for years to see what he was going to receive from Farrah’s estate. This is the reality of the situation, sadly it controversy sells it sells magazines, and it sells papers. My statements are the truth, as told to me by Greg Lott, and backed up by all the information I gathered from him as well as others. I saw up close the character of this individual, and I reported it to you. Did he fool me at first, yes he did, but as soon as I figured out what his motives were I alerted the fans the best way I knew how. I understand Mr. Howard, he wants to sell papers, that’s just business. Now everyone has acknowledged Greg knew Farrah. To my knowledge, she didn’t leave anything in the will, and to my knowledge he never sent any money to Farrah’s charities or to her father. Greg was just a puppy that she took out played with for awhile and then put down. Greg so wants to be so much more, in the end for reasons I will never understand she chose Ryan O’Neal to accompany her to Germany and the rest is history. Now it’s just a fight over her money and estate, it just gets more pathetic as time travels on.