Monday, November 30, 2009

To Further Farrah's Committment to Cancer Education

Sorry, everyone that I have been quiet for awhile alot has happened and I will be commenting on it in these upcoming posts. As a lot of you know, if you have been watching my face book page, Drasmiller, or my fan site Hitman Public Relations, I was at Blog World LV 2009 for some clients and interviews etc. I ran into an amazing person by the name of Meaghan Edelstein, she is the founder of Spirit Jump. She is a cancer survivor and has organized this group to send cards etc to people that have cancer. I know the impact your cards and letters meant to Farrah. Receiving support from people is uplifting, inspiring and gives the person strength in these hard times. This amazing woman is organizing everyone to send out inspiration to others by the way of a card or letter, or anything you desire. Its a kind thought and you never know the impact that these simple acts of kindness have on someone. I have attached the video of the interview I did with Meaghan at blog world. Please go to her site, facebook page (SpiritJump) and join her cause. Its the cost of a card and postage to uplift someones spirit and strength. So add someone to your Christmas or holiday list, its that easy. I look forward to you all letting me know the impact you have on others.