Monday, February 15, 2010

Kevin Smith, Southwest Airlines & Twitter A Ménage à Trois

As most of you have heard, Kevin Smith the very talented Actor, Director and Writer was “exited” from a Southwest flight because he was too “heavy”. Kevin Smith utilized twitter to shout his rage against Southwest for this transgression. What is now prime time news and now heralded by overweight people everywhere as a rallying cry to action against fat discrimination one thing was overlooked. That is when all these tweets began to fly from Kevin Smiths phone, Southwest Airlines answered. Yes Southwest Airlines, rather than sit ideally by letting these allegations stand, responded and said they would look into the issue and make it right.

Southwest the top of the airline food chain, has keep their place by taking a proactive modern approach to communication by answering back. Whether Southwest knew Kevin Smith’s media reach or not is immaterial, they answered. I have been teaching this strategy for a while now, answer the complaint whatever it is. Do not go gently in to this good night, answer with your opinion with fact. Stand up, and fight against the machine. Both parties in this fight have a point and used the new media to get their point across. Both have explained their position and now have allies on either side of the issue, talking, tweeting and blogging their position. This issue has brought to light not only the issue of obesity, but, most of all, this is great advertising for both Southwest Airlines and Kevin Smith. Someone once said, “there is no such thing as bad advertising as long as they are talking about me”. People that had no idea who this talented artist was are sure to know him now and may look at his work. Southwest airlines, has taken a stand and regardless of the outcome of this advertising has succeeded in keeping their name in the news for days without paying a dime in advertising. For those of you that do not think you have a voice in this world, or as my dear friend Sara Robinson of sit up, and take control of your life, here is a solution. Tweet your words, your complaints, compliments, your thoughts, your feelings, your desires, and someone somewhere is listening.