Thursday, May 27, 2010

Harry Dent "Invest in Yourself" The new Marketing Paradigm

Harry Dent famed Economist said recently to “invest your money in yourself”, “Market yourself before the next crash”. This is the most brilliant statement of all. How do you sell yourself, your business, services or products if your customers don’t know who you are? The new media has been named web 2.0 or affectionately disruptive media. Disruptive Media is the use of social media to surround your competitor and convert their customers to your business. Why make new clients when your customer has the same client you want, so lure them away form them to you. We know there are businesses out there that have customers in your area. For example I was just speaking with a gas company. We know the customer is crossing the street to go to Chevron over Shell or vise versa. The prices are similar, both have stores so you can buy your favorite beverage, what would make them leave their brand and come to our brand. Easy, make it the best Brand (remember perception).

A brand that people cannot live without, a brand that everyone is using, essentially the “cool” brand., the brand that will make them cool if they use it or more importantly people see you using it. We saw this in high school where the “cool” kids sat at a certain table in the cafeteria. There are too many examples of this status structure, but I think all of you can conger up an example that you have personally experienced. If you take nothing away from this blog take this “people live vicariously through you” (thanks Joel Bauer for quoting me). This means that people envy what you got regardless of what they got (excuse the grammar). To sit at the table was cool regardless whether you liked the people or not—others saw you, and now envy comes into play.

So back to disruptive media, fact unless you have the only widget in the world and you are the only one selling it, you have a service, product or business people frequent. Fact people are frequenting your business either at your location or your competitor’s. Fact they are spending money on that business either at your location or your customers. Question: how do we get them from spending money here than over there? Answer: Disruptive Media-- through marketing, we make it imperative that they come to your business because if they don’t they will not be part of the cool crowd (essentially). Now this formula takes on many meaning and examples but still stand true. We do this service for junior executives, we do it for actresses we do it for sports professionals we do it naturally.

What is the difference between other marketing companies and mine? Actually very little, looking from the outside in. We know the same people, we dress the same, and we almost talk the same. The difference how we got to where we are; for example, I was a bodyguard starting at the age of 17 for some of our greatest stars, Dinah Shore, Farrah Fawcett, Jerry Garcia many. What is it about me that “attracted” that level of trust at a young age? I left that life and became a Chiropractor; I was an accredited physician at 2 Olympic games and have worked on some of the best athletes in the world. I have been a publicist and marketing professional since I was a young lad and marketed myself into the positions I have just described above. I was so good at marketing I was sought out to implement a social media presence for Farrah before her death. We implemented a strategy that would get her truth out to the world and expose the people around her for what they were. It worked we were very successful.

Now the question, how do you get people to leave the other business for yours? The answer is get your name out there and make sure you are the cool kid everyone wants to be near. Us the social media, hire the media strategist, the publicist that will help you be that guy/gal everyone wants to be around. People want to be near the people that have the answer or appear they have an answer.

Can it be done? YES its done everyday, the eye glass store, the actress, the clothing store, everywhere in some way shape or form they implement this strategy. Do you really think that Lindsey Lohan just fell across a little boutique she liked and the paparazzi were there? No we (media strategists) staged it, now everyone goes to the boutique. Is it expensive maybe depending on your point of view? But how long do you want to wait for success to happen. How much does it cost to sit back, trudge along, working and working to make success a reality? How long do you want to watch your customer go to your competitor? When with less money in comparison, you can implement a strategy that will give you success overnight? This overnight success can be sustained for years getting your initial investment back as well as additional business that will grow logarithmically. My friend and blogger Sarah Robinson ( talks about this everyday. Take the one step to change your life, even if is a pair of shoes you don’ usually wear to work. Its one step, and everyone can take that one step.

So to answer the question what makes us different that another group? HitmanPR does it on the 1st branded social media channel with Kelsey Grammer. We promote our customers on a format that millions of people frequent, insuring success and fame. What is fame, it is the thing people see in you and why they leave the service, business or product for yours. We put together a strategy that will take you from obscurity to fame. So live out loud, be famous…

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kelly Ripa #94 in Maxim Hot 100 posing in Icon Farrah Fawcett Fashion?

Kelly Rip of daytime TV Regis and Kelly fame was listed as #94 in the maxim hot 100 list of most beautiful women. Ms. Ripa decided for some unknown reason to strike the same pose that made Farrah Fawcett famous, blanket and all. Kelly, was wearing a purple bathing suit instead of the orange, (not red) one Farrah sported in a now iconic photo. Now what is most disturbing is that Kelly decided to strike the exact same pose as Farrah. I find this very insulting in many different ways and several conclusions come to mind, Kelly has a glorified view of her physique, she is believing her own press or Regis has finally driven her crazy. One thing is sure and to quote Llovd Benson, I knew Farrah Fawcett and you, Ms. Ripa are no Farrah Fawcett! I understand you are considered by most to be beautiful, however you do not have the “assets” Farrah Fawcett had, especially those that should have filled out the bathing suit. I think there are some things that just should not be copied, this being one of them. We could never, remake Katherine Hepburn’s pose, Lauren Bacall saying “just whistle”, and so many more that have become simply, iconic.

There will never be another Farrah; there are beautiful women that are illustrated so well in Maxim Magazine. The women in this magazine have shown their own personalities, strength, confidence and most of all their beauty. They are not trying to be someone else or compare themselves to someone else. They are not trying to use someone else to gain approval or credibility. The other 99 women are all beautiful, and most of all they appear by their photo to be very independent, which in my opinion makes them more beautiful. The only thing that this photo accomplished is it reminds us that there are no substitutes for the original.

Professional speaking, it was the responsibility of the publicist or the photographer to persuade Ms. Ripa from publishing these photos’ after they were shot. More to the point whomever devised this photo shoot with this set in mind should have had the common decency to throw it in the can with all the other “what were you thinking” ideas.

These photos are in very bad taste and in my opinion very disrespectful, not say pretty sad in comparison.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Amazing Randy & Alana Stewart

">A few months ago, Alana Stewart in a desperate attempt to revive book sales contacted the Medium James Van Prague. He did is usual shtick and contacted Farrah, in the afterlife to speak with Alana. Interesting James, told Alana that Farrah asked if she still enjoyed the bracelet that she had given her as a present. Alana stated on air that she loved it very much to the delight of the studio audience. Now what was interesting is the bracelet that Farrah give Alana was sold on the day of her death on ebay. Now it was either another bracelet or James had not read my blog....