Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kelly Ripa #94 in Maxim Hot 100 posing in Icon Farrah Fawcett Fashion?

Kelly Rip of daytime TV Regis and Kelly fame was listed as #94 in the maxim hot 100 list of most beautiful women. Ms. Ripa decided for some unknown reason to strike the same pose that made Farrah Fawcett famous, blanket and all. Kelly, was wearing a purple bathing suit instead of the orange, (not red) one Farrah sported in a now iconic photo. Now what is most disturbing is that Kelly decided to strike the exact same pose as Farrah. I find this very insulting in many different ways and several conclusions come to mind, Kelly has a glorified view of her physique, she is believing her own press or Regis has finally driven her crazy. One thing is sure and to quote Llovd Benson, I knew Farrah Fawcett and you, Ms. Ripa are no Farrah Fawcett! I understand you are considered by most to be beautiful, however you do not have the “assets” Farrah Fawcett had, especially those that should have filled out the bathing suit. I think there are some things that just should not be copied, this being one of them. We could never, remake Katherine Hepburn’s pose, Lauren Bacall saying “just whistle”, and so many more that have become simply, iconic.

There will never be another Farrah; there are beautiful women that are illustrated so well in Maxim Magazine. The women in this magazine have shown their own personalities, strength, confidence and most of all their beauty. They are not trying to be someone else or compare themselves to someone else. They are not trying to use someone else to gain approval or credibility. The other 99 women are all beautiful, and most of all they appear by their photo to be very independent, which in my opinion makes them more beautiful. The only thing that this photo accomplished is it reminds us that there are no substitutes for the original.

Professional speaking, it was the responsibility of the publicist or the photographer to persuade Ms. Ripa from publishing these photos’ after they were shot. More to the point whomever devised this photo shoot with this set in mind should have had the common decency to throw it in the can with all the other “what were you thinking” ideas.

These photos are in very bad taste and in my opinion very disrespectful, not say pretty sad in comparison.