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Lemon Law Auto Expert Asks “Is Onstar Your Friend?”

Lemon Law Auto Expert Asks “Is Onstar Your Friend?”

Randy Sottile, California Lemon Law Auto Experts’ research and opinions on GM’s OnStar system is that of a ‘double-edged sword’.

OnStar_logo[1]One side of the blade is the benefits (Corporate Profits and Information Control) that GM is receiving from the consumer. The other side of the “blade” are the costs the consumer/end user through (via payment of monthly or yearly subscription services) utilizing the service, and resultant personal and vehicle information/data they are giving to OnStar, a prime concern for loss of privacy.

OnStar is sold and licensed from GM to various car manufacturers. Each carries its own name. Names include LexusLink, Tele-Aid, and more. It is a subscription-based service, with many new cars coming with the first 3 months (or a year) free of monthly subscription charges.

Let’s first talk about the benefits of OnStar, then balance it by talking about its electronic “dark side”. On the benefits side, it uses CDMA voice and data communication, and GPS technology for vehicle location tracking. It provides HFC (Hands Free Calling), EMS (Emergency Medical Services connect) Automatic Crash Response allows emergency advisors to provide emergency medical services (EMS) with additional crash information such as rollover status, direction of impact, which airbags have deployed (front, side etc.,) and the Delta-V (change in velocity) Force which is a medical measure of the intensity of an impact. All this information allows EMS to respond to the crash with appropriate equipment. There is also on-board vehicle diagnostics, direct-to-OnStar representative communications, voice recognition communication, remote car unlock, and more recently a connection to police for car location tracking (services and features may vary among car models/years/subscription options). This is a partial list of what OnStar can do.

Now, to what I characterize as the “dark side” of OnStar. Frankly, OnStar epitomizes the concept of “Big Brother Watching”. It’s what they can do with the information that can be potentially damaging to consumers in many ways – privacy, marketing information, crash/insurance information, hi-jacking lemon law claims and more. Let’s look at a brief list of what can be done with OnStars’ capabilities. First, under state lemon laws, “repair attempts” are defined as when the customer presents the vehicle with the issue to the authorized dealer for warranty repairs, and it’s written up on a “Repair Order”. On-Star benefits the manufacturer and derails the consumer from getting their right to a documented repair. OnStar diagnostics can actually reset (shut off) a dash warning light that would otherwise be a “repair attempt” visit to the dealers’ shop – which would be used towards a lemon law claim. OnStar “conveniently” diagnoses the cars ‘issue’, and extinguishes it, removing the car owner’s right to a documented repair at the dealership. Next is a vehicle owners right to privacy. Privacy? – The OnStar’s GPS knows exactly where you are at all times. Don’t believe it? Recently, it has been rumored that OnStar has changed its terms and conditions to allow sale of vehicle location and speeds to interested third parties such as law enforcement agencies. Who’s and what’s next? Will driving habits, restaurants visited, and other “places of interest” from the OnStar’s data base of destinations and OnStar “call-in’s” be sold to third-party marketers and advertising agencies? Will the crash data be used by the automobile manufacturer against the consumer in product liability/personal injury/wrongful death crash cases, buttressing their legal defense against plaintiff’s claims? It is a fact that we only know of OnStar’s capabilities of what the auto manufacturer, lets us know. It is theoretically possible for OnStar to be remotely activated by malicious third parties or under government order. This would enable third parties to track the location of the car. This is constantly being challenged, but the real question remains “just how far can it go?” in taking private information, and how it’s used? We just don’t know. In 2011 OnStar announced that it would start retaining all the information collected by the GPS and internal system, so that it could be sold to third parties. Although this data is supposed to be “anonoymized”, it remains unclear exactly what they mean by this, as it is extremely difficult to anonoymize GPS data. I am following this to see if the data has been opened up to third parties already, or is scheduled to – and when.

So, how should consumers view OnStar? Only the consumer can make that determination and choice. For myself, I have “Google Maps” on my phone with driving directions for free (instead of OnStar routing), I can call Roadside Assistance or a tow-truck with my cell phone if I break down. Now, if I get in a crash without OnStar I would not have the benefit of EMS, but then does it usually take more than 2 minutes for other motorists to call 911 when they see an accident? Are we endearing ourselves to the idea that WE will be the tiny percentage of consumers that crash our cars in a remote area without other motorists viewing it?

I for one am very, very concerned with what can potentially be done with the information OnStar collects and stores. What’s next? If you are late on car payments, will OnStar give the location coordinates to the repossession company for the financial institution that holds title on your current loan?

These make interesting thoughts to ponder. Should you be concerned? This writer thinks so….

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Massage Therapy & Chiropractic Care at in Pasadena, CA
Randy Sottile, Lemon Law Auto Expert, Dont Sell Your CA Lemon Call Me

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Warren Whitlock & Vote Giant at the Digital World Expo, Las Vegas, NV 2011

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HitmanPR Interviews Maria Gara of App.Cat at the Digital World Expo 2011

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One day, when our grandchildren are speaking with their children, they will be asked do you remember Steve Jobs? Our Grandchildren will answer yes and tell of the first time they played with and iPhone or an Ipad. It is then his true greatness will be shown...

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Meet Randy Sottile, he has helped 11000+ people get a cash award or new better car or both using the CA Lemon Law.

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At Galpin Motors with my client lemon law auto expert Randy Sottile at a car inspection. This expidition is a lemon.

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@dwexpo talking with sponsors 4 clients blogs. Great place to learn & network.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 my friend jeret speedy peterson died today lets remember how he lived rather than how he died. RIP

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Charlie Sheen is a Marketing Genius, & What We Can Learn From Him by Allen Miller, HitmanPR

Charlie Sheen is a Marketing Genius, & What We Can Learn From Him by Allen Miller, HitmanPR

I have been in PR, marketing for 20 years and been teaching my clients how to celebritize themselves using social media. We can learn a lot from Charlie Sheen in the way of marketing, the new media and how to use it. There are several rules I have been teaching for years; Charlie Sheen is the best example to illustrate those points. This is marketing at its best.

The first most important rule in social media is respond to the conversation especially when someone disagrees with you. Case in point. I am marketing for a very famous artist, photographer/videographer Norman Seeff. Norman has just produced a movie backed by NASA called “The Triumph of a Dream!” This film is going to go world wide very shortly. To be linked with this film and of course NASA would be a marketers dream. So I linked one of my other clients that work with World Financial Group (WFG), as a sponsor for the film. When we goggled WFG, numerous links were encountered calling WFG a SCAM, FRAUD, etc. Upon seeing this Norman Seeff and his team, refused WFG as a sponsor. Not because they were a fraud or not, that was an unknown, it was because WFG didn’t defend itself. WFG did not counter the claims or even speak to the claims. In the case of Charlie Sheen, when the first comments came out about Charlie’s lifestyle from Loree, Sheen responded quickly and decisively with a response. Chuck Lorre then came out with a response to Sheen’s and then so on and so forth for the last few weeks. This argument went viral and now he has sold out one-man shows in New York.

Rule #1-- Answer your complaints faster than your compliments-most of all answer!

The second rule and probably the most important rule-People live vicariously through you. Everybody thinks that everybody’s life is more interesting than his or her own. Case in point, Charlie Sheen has given us a glimpse into his life the nice house, the two “Goddesses” the cars etc. Charlie Sheen has been fired from his job, is in a custody dispute, and is suing his employer. However, he turned this online argument into 2+million followers on twitter and companies are lined up to use him to represent their products. Now you that have products and services tell your followers or potential followers about the encounters you have, people want to read and know about you. They identify with the fantasy they see as you. I have a client Bonnie-Jill Laflin, she is the only female scout or the NBA, working with the Lakers. She gets to play hoops with the Lakers and Kobie several times a week. She takes this for granted, but most people I know would kill for the opportunity to play basketball with the Lakers. 

Rule #2 -Nothing in your life is insignificant people want to know as they idealize everybody other than themselves.

The third rule, don’t stop, once you start this do not stop! Charlie Sheen has staged wonderful examples of this rule. Charlie and one of his goddesses were planning a siege of CBS to get his motor home back. They were dressed in commando type uniforms with a map of all his video. They go to the studio, walk in and drive out no confrontation. Genius, everyone watches because will there be drama, fights no. That’s not the point they engaged everyone in the “OP” and people watched. Charlie has been on a number of media outlets continuously since this started and was only bumped by a Tsunami. But I guarantee after this levels out (bad pun) well be back watching Charlie’s life. Chuck Lorre CBS, everyone has stopped speaking about Charlie, except Charlie. We were taught as children when this type of argument started to “let it go” “turn the other cheek”, “it will blow over” and my favorite "don't stoop to their level". NO this is wrong, answer back, the one that is the longest winded WINS. Look what happed to WFG, they turned the other check, and lost an opportunity to take their business vertical with NASA. They lost an opportunity of a lifetime to market their business because they thought it would go away. REMEMBER what happens in Vegas, may stay in Vegas. But it stays on the Internet forever!!!

Rule #3: Keep the conversation going, only if it goes one way. People are watching and listening, even when they’re quiet.

I don’t know if Charlie Sheen, knows these concepts or has someone advising him. Regardless, what has transpired over the last few weeks is absolute GENIUS! 

In conclusion there has been a lot said about Charlie’s “Duh Winning” comment. Charlie Sheen has made approximately 7 million dollars from sold out shows he is going to perform, product placement and from sponsors. Update: There is speculation that Charlie will get his old job back at CBS. He did all this following the rules I have taught for years. So I ask you who is winning, and laughing all the way to the bank.

Allen S. Miller, of HitmanPR is a marketing strategist to actors, authors, athletes, and business professionals. Hitman Public Relations provides business and media strategies to its’ clients for marketing internationally on TV, in print and social media markets. Hitman PR owns channels on Kelsey Grammer’s online TV network where it’s developing, directing and broadcasting new content.  Hitman PR was originally created to publicize his longtime friend Farrah Fawcett's (Fawcett’s  message of hope to the world.

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The Big Idea, with Donny Deutsch & Dr. Allen S. Miller, HitmanPR

Dr. Allen S. Miller, President of HitmanPR, is a guest on MSNBC, The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch, the panel Guests include Kathy Ireland, and Jeffrey Talyor of NOBU. Donny gives Dr. Miller confirms the significance of his Olympic experience as a team doctor as his brand. Donny says "others try to make a brand you have one". 

How I met Uday Hussein and How I worked with The Iraq Soccer Team by Allen S Miller

Valley of the Kings, Giza Egypt

In August of 1990, Allen S. Miller, of HitmanPR led a team of physicians to the World Games in Chiro Egypt and ultimately worked for the Iraq Soccer team and Uday Hussein. Egypt wanted to be considered a contender on the world stage for an Olympic bid and spared no expense at updating their sports facilities. I was accredited with Sierra Leone Olympic Track & Field Team and had been since our introduction at the All African Games in 1988 held Lagos, Nigeria. These were tense times; President Herbert Walker Bush and Saddam Hussein were locked in a moral debate over Saddam’s taking of Kuwait. The night before I was to depart, I got a phone call from the “state department” to be more accurate my stepbrothers’ father in the CIA, not to go.
Once on the ground we quickly organized the team and went to the accreditation center for our credentials. Once I checked in and received my credentials I needed to get the rest of the team accredited for the games. This became a problem, and for some unknown reason, everything was denied, until I met with the head of security. I was immediately escorted to the security center and was graciously asked if I wanted tea, while I waited for the General. I had brought pins from the US, FBI and State Agencies as presents. I had known the General since Lagos and had seen him on my several trips to Africa. I gave him an FBI pin as a gift, at which point he broke out the Scotch, and we talked for hours. Subsequently, the General facilitated the doctor’s credentials for entry. After checking in with my team, we entered the stadium area and setup on the practice field. This may seem strange that we didn’t got the medical center, however, this is where everybody setups up their equipment. There is an old rule in sports, you go where the athletes are, and they are usually at the practice field. Sports medicine is a cooperative, a family; we all know each other and help each other. It always amused me that journalists would write that there were political rivalries inside the center. To the contrary, we all worked, with each other, shared each other’s equipment and supplies. Now Africa is an amazing place, everyone is a variety of colors from black to white and everything in between. The badges did not have nationality on them, the badges only indicated the team you were credentialed with, I was credentialed with Sierra Leone, it was just accepted that I was from Sierra Leone.
As we were setting up and operational on the practice grounds the athletes started to arrive for a variety of services. I was approached by the team manager for the Iraq Soccer team. Their manager was a very charismatic and engaging gentleman. We talked for a long time, as he was very interested in our services. My team of doctors evaluated and treated the team as they would all the other teams at the games. The rhetoric between the USA and Iraq was escalating, during the time we were there.
There was a fear that violence would breakout as the games organizers decided to issue evacuation plans and the location shelters. To the dismay of the team, the organizers went so far as to overlap targets on the parts of the city that we were housed. We were watching the coverage of the Kuwait conflict on a fledgling news channel called CNN. As the games were wrapping up, the manager of the Iraq Soccer team invited some of us to dinner at his hotel (Hilton on the Nile) with his father. I picked the members of the team that had the most impact with the soccer team and off we went to dinner at the Hilton. We met up with the team manager, outside the Hilton, as directed. He apologized greatly that dinner had to be “postponed” as his father had to go back home as “Bush invaded Iraq”. I very naively asked “who is your father”, The team manager replied “my father is Saddam Hussein”. Now in amazement he said then you are? He replied Uday Hussein, he kings son. Uday Hussein apologized greatly for the embarrassment and asked if I would come to Iraq “following this unpleasantness” and work with his team and physicians. I had to laugh and stated “well I am honored and would be glad to come, but I think my government would disapprove”. Uday, asked “why would Sierra Leone disapprove”? I then stated that I was an American, we both just started laughing. Uday, then stated that “he would insure my safety” and to contact him once this conflict was over”. He then handed me a keychain with his likeness and the likeness of his father on them. He thanked me greatly for the service and kindness provided both him and his team. We parted and I was never to see him again. My dinner with Saddam Uday Hussein got cancelled by President Bush’s’ bombing of Kuwait.

So the moral of the story and one I have lived all my life; be nice you never know who you are talking too.

Kathy Ireland’s Recommendations To Allen Miller on MSNBC

Allen S. Miller, of HitmanPR appeared on MSNBC with Donny Deutsch about branding was an amazing experience. Kathy Ireland was on the panel and contacted me after the show offering to mentor me. She continues to be a mentor to him and give him business advice today. She is a wonderful friend…

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Just Another Track Meet (JAFTM) Things I learned at the Olympics by Allen Miller (HitmanPR)

My (Allen S Miller of HitmanPR) dream and goal was to treat Olympic and pro class athletes. I started out and paid my dues like everybody else volunteering at High Schools and graduating into college meets. I joined every professional group that dealt with athletes, and injuries. My first invitation was to the Ironman in Hawaii as an injury triage doctor and Chiropractor. Once I survived that competition, I was invited to travel the Track and Field Circuit beginning in Lagos, Nigeria with the All African Games ultimately moving through Europe. Then the invitation came, my appointment to US Track and Field Team in Barcelona during the world Games. There I met my mentor Dr. Jack Russell, head of Sports Injuries US Track & Field Team. We became close friends and we traveled the world together following the teams treating athletes. I was recruited by the nations of Nigeria, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone to act as their medical director at the 1992 summer games of the Olympiad held in Barcelona Spain. When I arrived, I met up with Dr. Russell prior to entering the accreditation center at the Olympic Center. I was advised that we were unable to enter the center as South Africa was arriving and they were to enter first to fanfare of the media as apartheid had been abolished. This is their return to the competition after years of absence. I was anxious to enter the games as it was the culmination of a dream. However I was scared to death and secretly said the universal prayer “please god, don’t let me screw up”. Dr. Jack Russell, Carl Lewis and I all entered the gates and proceeded to the Olympic Center to take our Olympic Oath. As we did, I became more terrified and nervous at the sheer weight of where I was and where I had come from. As the oath ended, Jack Russell must have seen the look of sheer terror on my face and the lack of color. Jack looked over at me and spelled out the initials that I will remember for all time, J A F T M. Looking puzzled I asked “what in the hell does that mean?” Jack replied, “it’s Just Another F___-g Track Meet, now let’s go to work” there was a momentary silence, and we just started laughing. I was ok, the nervousness was gone the fear gone. So when I get nervous before an event, a talk, anything, I remember the initials JAFTM and just smile. 

How I Met Farrah Fawcettby Allen Miller (HitmanPR)

In my early years when I started out, I was bodyguard to Dinah Shore, who was good friends with Farrah, and her then husband Lee Majors. I got the chance to meet Farrah at a dinner and showing of Lee Major’s Movie- Francis Gary Powers. They had come to Dinah’s house and Pauline the housekeeper as usual made an amazing dinner. I had the opportunity to be around Dinah and Pauline who were to say the least amazing spirits. They loved Farrah, and thought she was the sweetest of people. Pauline loved Farrah, they both loved to cook, and ironically Pauline was Farrah's mothers name. I got close to Pauline because I say her 6 days a week for several years along with Dinah. Farrah and Lee arrived that night for dinner in a new Porsche Turbo Carrera. I let them, in and they were very nice. Lee had almost run out of gas getting to the house for dinner, and let’s say Farrah was asking Lee why he didn't get gas. Now this hit home as my girlfriend always asks why I hate to get gas, I guess its a guy thing. anyway. Lee comes out of the house and asked if one of the security people could drive his car and get gas. Dinah ok’d it and we had other guys on the property, so sometimes the boss gets the perks, I jumped at the chance to drive the new Turbo Porsche Carrera. I raced that car and got it up to 90 going down Beverly to Rodeo. I got back to house and gave the car back wishing that I could have one, this was 1978. Farrah was really sweet, I was just the bodyguard, and she treated me as she did everyone like we all were something very special. Later on, Farrah was kind enough to sign an outtake copy of the photograph of her and the cougar for me. I still have that picture. When she decided to divorce Lee Majors, I was asked to be the scout with the security team watching the Mulholland house. I did the initial investigation on Majors that later Farrah used as leverage I was a bodyguard for years, actors, music people the whole gambit, but Farrah, was genuinely nice, treated us like she had known us for years. She went out of her way to make us feel comfortable. When Greg Lott contacted me and asked me for help, and showing me the letters, we’ll you can go from there.

David Bowie's Insight on Personal Development by Allen Miller (HitmanPR)


Many of you are not old enough to remember Dinah Shore, she was incredible woman in an incredible time. David Bowie was on Dinah Shore’s TV show in 1975, Allen S Miller, of HitmanPR had the opportunity to be backstage during the taping of this show as Dinah’s bodyguard. Bobby Marx, later the stepson of Frank Sinatra was there as well. David Bowie really amazed everybody, especially Dinah, as he was insightful and his advice for personal growth is true today. Be want you want, and you will be want you want!

Saturday, February 26, 2011 listening to Dan Magala from SD Padres thanks j Malinchak & Ron Seavers corp profits seminar. Great!!!

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Ted McGrath of RiZe Global is a rising star, & has the scientific plan to help you reinvent yourself. We interviewed him at Nuke The Fridge with the other celebrities

Allen S Miller at Convention with Camden Toy.

Camden Toy usually in great makeup seen here at Nuke the Fridge Con. Great actor, & great interview.
Celeste Yarnall of Star Trek Fame, at Nuke The Fridge Con signing autographs we were able to interview her for what she is doing now!
We had the opportunity to interview Vernon Wells, of Road Warrior, Commando Fame at Nuke The Fridge Con
My Friend Claudia Wells Star of Back To The Future has this amazing mens boutique Armani Wells for us fashion challenged
Lou Ferrigno is interviewed by HitmanPR at Nuke The Fridge Con
In this interview my Friend Claudia Wells, supports this amazing charity Kids In The Spotlight Charity