Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ted McGrath of RiZe Global is a rising star, & has the scientific plan to help you reinvent yourself. We interviewed him at Nuke The Fridge with the other celebrities http://ping.fm/9Fx1U

Allen S Miller at Convention with Camden Toy.

Camden Toy usually in great makeup seen here at Nuke the Fridge Con. Great actor, & great interview. http://ping.fm/VvU23
Celeste Yarnall of Star Trek Fame, at Nuke The Fridge Con signing autographs we were able to interview her for what she is doing now! http://ping.fm/lbvr7
We had the opportunity to interview Vernon Wells, of Road Warrior, Commando Fame at Nuke The Fridge Con http://ping.fm/KhVbF
My Friend Claudia Wells Star of Back To The Future has this amazing mens boutique Armani Wells for us fashion challenged http://ping.fm/zT41K
Lou Ferrigno is interviewed by HitmanPR at Nuke The Fridge Con http://ping.fm/AsGCp
In this interview my Friend Claudia Wells, supports this amazing charity Kids In The Spotlight Charity http://ping.fm/Yybti