Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What do you want? Tough question to answer, by Allen S Miller


So I go to change my blog and I see in the openingform, what's your favorite question? I write, "What do you want?" inthe box. I ask ALL my prospective clients that question before beginning any OP(meaning job, or operation). I used to ask, "where do you want togo", but one prospective client responded, "it’s my life's dream togo to Yellowstone". Really, well there's a stretch of the imagination, soI had to change the question hence, "What do you want?". Now thisstill requires explanation, as I get the usual answer, a new car, a milliondollars, or dancing transvestites at my birthday party (yea really). Anyway it’sa pivotal question, what do you want? Because it’s at this place and time youget to be selfish, narcissistic, and greedy. Unless you’re somebody who livesoff the land wears sandals, and loves the earth you want something. Even sandalboy wants new sandals, so it’s ok, your normal.

“ I don't know what you want, unless you tell me?” Some want fame,some want recognition, some money. You'd actually be surprised at how fewpeople put money as their #1 choice. So what you want is a destination, it’syour endpoint, if you get X when will you be happy, and/or be satisfied the momentyou "feel" you've achieved your goal. Most people I ask this questiongive me some vague representation, such as "I want to be happy","I want to be rich", or the best one, "I want to befamous".  Look at theseresponses very carefully, they are vague, just once I would love to hearsomeone say "I want to X, and, I want X within 14 days on a beach, at night, with a full moon. I wantthe tape of X to be uploaded to YouTube within 1 week, so allmy friends especially my ex-girlfriend can see it. I have X amount of dollarsto get this accomplished and most importantly, I will do anything that is legal, to accomplish goal.” 

JPLNow fit what you want in the above example. Butlook at the vivid detail, I could have gotten more detailed, but I will leavethat to your imagination, but hopefully you get the point. What you want has tobe vivid, clear; you must see it in your head. Just like it was a movie looped over and over again. Never, ever listen to anybodythat says that you cannot reach that goal, even if it’s family. Mostimportantly if it’s your family. I look at things backward, meaning I look atwhere do you want to go, then reverse engineer the path to get there. But I haveto know where you want to go before you can get there. I thought I wasabnormal, but thanks to Norman Seeff, I learned that this is the trait of thesuccessful. See Mr. Lamasa, my 5th grade teacher, I'm not nuts. Normal Seeff,came here from South Africa, and became the foremost photographer from the 70'sto present. Amazing mind, amazing man, spent his life trying to diagram, aformula for success. Damn if he did....Anyway, and I learned this from Norman,your head will tell you, you cannot achieve the goal. It’s step 2 inNorman's diagram, but this is the pivotal place, do not listen, Push thosethoughts out, the Bible calls it temptation. Do not take your eye off yourgoal, so using the above scenario, if you encounter a distractor, or you think its the right path, but doesn't work. Keep going until you score the objective, on the beach so on so forth. If it helps you get to your goal do it,if not leave it move on. You may hit a dead end; that’s okay you just know whatnot to do next. 

Another, very important point, BE PATIENT! Success comes when it comes. I hated it when somebody told me that, I thought what esoteric crap. But their right, sometimes it happens quick and sometimes slow, just ask Forbes. 

One last thing before I get off my platform, Believe In Yourself. Jim Carry, the famous Movie Star, Comedian,wrote himself a very large check when he was starting out. He believed inhimself, he cashed that check and that’s just one example.

So what have we learned?

1.            Answer the question, "what do youwant?"
2.            Be specific, be clear, and be vivid on theanswer.
3.            Give yourself a time to reach that goal.
4.            Avoid temptation, be patient stay on thepath, don't listen to anybody negative.
5.            Most importantly, believe in yourself, and thenyou can do anything you want.

Well it starts now...thanks for listening.  I’m done now, stay tuned.

Allen Miller