Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ron Cataldo, Jr VP of CHPC & Cheryl Atkinson-Baca Investigated by California Consumer Affairs

Sources report (CHPC) Chiropractic Health Plans of California VP, Ron Cataldo, JR is being investigated for conflict of interest, fraud, and several other laws in connection with his position with CHPC and the sale Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound Devices.

CHPC works directly with one of the largest union’s in the United States, ILWU, longshoreman union. CHPC accredits and manages the chiropractors that “treat” the members of the union. CHPC also manages the chiropractors for other plans located throughout the United States as well. Ron Cataldo, along with his business partner Cheryl Atkinson Baca, have recently opened Lipo-Blast and Cavi-Blast selling the “Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound Cavitation device to Chiropractors, Spas, and Nail Salon’s with mixed results.

Mr. Cataldo and Ms. Atkinson-Baca have been selling the device to Chiropractors as a weight-loss device, contrary to its FDA clearance as a Ultrasound Massage device. Prior to opening his Cavi-Blast and Lipo-Blast Distribution network, selling the device, Mr. Cataldo, contacted his friends on the California State Board of Chiropractic Examiners to determine the laws surrounding the use of this device by chiropractors. One California State Board member, who remains anonymous, states that “I told, Mr. Cataldo that the Cavi-Lipo Machine, was not able to be used under a Chiropractic License” as a weight loss device.

Mr. Cataldo Jr., disregarded the California State Board’s advice, utilizing the CHPC/ILWU provider list to seek willing chiropractor’s to buy their Cavi-lipo Ultrasound Cavitation marketed as a weight-loss device leaving, the Chiropractor’s open to investigations as well as license forfeiture.

The office of Consumer Affairs and the State Board’s of Chiropractic in Hi, and NY began
Glenn Poulain, DC
investigations into doctors that use and treat weight-loss with this device. Glenn Poulain, DC in Honolulu, HI and Joseph M. Mills. D.C. Of West Hills Chiropractic Pain Center, in Huntington, NY both customers of Ron Cataldo, and Cheryl Baca, are under investigation for Practicing Medicine without a license.

As stated, this device is only FDA approved as an “Ultra-sound massager” and not weight-loss or circumferential fat loss like the Body Sculpting Lasers on the market today. Sources state, “the public must
be properly informed prior to any treatment session of it’s off-label use
and expected results” which has not been the case by these advertisers who have mis-informed those they sold to who are now victim to investigations by multiple law enforcement agencies.

Ms. Baca (pictured above) is reported to have sold this off-label weight loss device to the Four Seasons Hotel, and the Beverly Hills Hotel, where they are charging their Celebrity Cliental thousands of dollars for the same session, her other clients the Crystal Nail Salon's and Spa's are charging $99.00 dollars or whatever the daily Groupon rate will allow.

The Cavi-Lipo was recently written up in IMAGE magazine, with misleading information such as the Cavi-Lipo is an “FDA Approved Weight-Loss device” and “it works 100% of the time”. A brief search of Yelp, has provided numerous unsatisfied customers as well as providers that have been unable to meet Mr. Cataldo and Ms. Baca’s claims.

The Boards of Consumer Affairs, is now investigating whether or not Medical Doctors are the only profession able to supervise use of these devices in facilities. This is due to the claims being made in advertising, online, and Mr. Cataldo and Ms. Baca’s websites.

 Facilities who own the machine must await a decision and risk losing the equipment to seizure, legal conviction, or license forfeiture. Mr. Cataldo, Jr and Ms. Atkinson-Baca refused to comment.