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Dr. Stephanie King describes how the Ultra-Slim Plus II is the ultimate non surgical body sculpting device.

(BSE) Body Slimming Experts Introduce their NEW Ultra Slim Platnium Unit at ICECS in Long Beach, Sept 7 & 8

(BSE) Body Slimming Experts with Dr. Stephanie King will introduce the NEW Combo Ultrasound Cavitation/Radio Frequency unit the Ultra Slim "Platinum" Plus II at the ICECS Conference at Long Beach Convention Center September 7 & 8 2014.

BSE Ultra-Slim Platinum Edition
BSE Ultra-Slim Platinum Edition
PRLog - Sep. 5, 2014 - LONG BEACH, Calif. -- Body Slimming Experts and Dr. Stephanie King, the leader in body sculpting technology, training, and supplies is introducing their NEW Combo Ultrasound Cavitation/Radio Frequency unit the Ultra Slim "Platinum" Plus II at the ICECS Conference at Long Beach Convention Center September 7 & 8 2014. The "Platinum" unit has the highest power rating of any machine of this type in the industry today. Dr. King is quoted as saying this unit will do in one session what comparable machines accomplish in six sessions. Dr. King and Body Slimming Experts will be demonstrating their new machine to owners of Medical Offices, Medispas and Etheticans at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa show at booth 1009 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Body Slimming Experts with guidence from Dr. King has grown both nationally and internationally in a very short amount of time. Photographs of clients with significant inch loss and skin tightening are on their website Http://

Each clinic is instructed in the "King Protocols" developed by Dr. King at BSE that optimize results and success for thier clinics and clients. Dr. King supervises the training program for each clinic for excellence and places them on the website so interested clients can be assured that they will get the success they want.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

RF (Radio Frequency) Ultrasound Cavitation Combo is the future for Anti-Aging & Help to Baby Boomers

Dr. Stephanie King DC, is a Diet, Nutrition & Hormone Restoration Expert located in Pasadena CA. Her recent study has determined the combination of Ultrasound Cavitation and RF (Radio Frequency) optimize non-surgical fat loss. Dr. King's study indicates optimum targeted fat loss of 1-4 inches is achieved using this method consistent with her protocols. Dr. King consults to the Medical Device industry & Health Care Professionals on non-surgical fat loss & body contouring.

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Dr. Stephanie King
Dr. Stephanie King
PRLog - Mar. 27, 2014 - PASADENA, Calif. -- With the changing economy, Baby Boomers are competing with their younger counterparts for the same positions. These Baby Boomers are using what finances are left to educate themselves on social media, resume design, and most importantly look slimmer and younger in order to compete. Dr Stephanie King, one of the foremost experts in Anti-Aging Management and non-surgical fat-loss has discovered a same-day natural procedure for reversing the hands of time.  Dr. King, known for her "King Protocols" with targeted fat loss has discovered that the combination of RF and Ultrasound Cavitation, as seen in the BSE System Ultra-Slim Plus II, results in immediate skin tightening and dramatic fat reduction without surgery, performed painlessly in less then 1 hour lunch break. The success of this treatment is dependent on equipment consistent with the "King Protocols."

·      With RF and Ultrasound advancements, immediate results are seen in almost all patients during the first treatment.

·      Treatment across the forehead, eyebrows is lifted.

·      Treatment under the eyes, the skin is tightened, thickened and the upper cheeks are lifted. Across the cheeks, the skin lifts and diminishes large pores.

·      RF diminishes sagging across the jaw line and shrinks jowls.

·      RF diminishes the ‘waddle’ or ‘chicken neck’ that so many individuals see as they age.

This new BSE Tri-polar technology is the much needed fountain-of-youth.

RF treatments in combination with Ultrasound Cavitation as seen in the Ultra Slim Plus II most importantly reduce targeted fat by heating the fat cells in the (adipose) layer right under the skin.  This Anti-aging technology is available for face as an instant lift or anywhere on the body for slimmer, toned framed. This technology is changing the playing field and for baby-boomers to get that much needed job. Check out the BSE System to improve your ability to compete in today’s stay young and fit society. A technology that is all natural with no down time the alternative to surgery, BSE’s Ultra Slim Plus II.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Improve Flexibility for a Better Healthier You

This post was is inspired by Dr. Stephanie King, the 60 Minutes Interview of Acadamy Award winning actress Kate Blanchett and lastly Bode Miller. Three separate and very different inspirations but very similar in their message. The main inspiration for the title comes by Dr Stephanie King's blog she talks about the flexibility as it relates to our bodies. 

The second, I came about watching Lesley Stahl's  60 minutes interview of Kate Blanchett on 60 Minutes. Ms Blanchett in the last 5 minutes of her interview was asked by Ms Stahl "what's the hardest part of your job" referring to her acting. Kate Blanchett replied, and I paraphrase, I take all that information and take the step forward without looking back.

The third is Bode Miller, the US Skier who tonight took bronze in the Downhill. I love to watch Bode Miller race and compete. The reason, he just puts it all on the line. It's not about the medals it's about the race, his words not mine. He takes that step off the starting block and puts it all out there, win or lose. He's always confident, stoic and 

Now, how do these three different inspiring events collide? One word flexibility...Dr. King talks about the need for the body to be flexible to live longer, feel better, age better, and most importantly live healthier. 
Dr King in of her core beliefs, as stated in some of her prior blog posts, relate body flexibility to mental flexibility. Kate Blanchett 

Dedicated to my Daughter Shannon, My Grandchildren Brayden S. Gonzales and Annabell Gonzales.

Dedicated to my Daughter Shannon Miller-Gonzales, My Grandson Brayden S. Gonzales and my granddaughter Annabell Gonzales. There are no words to express my deep unending love for the people in my family. Someone posted this and I think expresses my feelings better than anything said.
I love you all.
Dad, and grandpa

Monday, February 10, 2014

Ultrasound Cavitation Is The Next Generation in Body Contouring & Fat Loss!

PRLog - Global Press Release Distribution
Source: Body Slimming Experts
Dated: Feb. 10, 2014

Dr. Stephanie King, DC
Dr. Stephanie King, DC, expert in diet and non-surgical fat loss devices reviews the latest body contouring devices on the market today and releases her results. Dr. King concludes the best Body Shaping System for your clinic or spa to achieve SAME-DAY, painless circumferential loss (inch loss) is the Body Slimming Experts’ Ultra-Slim Express or Ultra-Slim Plus II Lipo-Sculpture System.

Body Slimming Experts 
Body Slimming Experts
BSE Ultra-Slim Express
PRLog (Press Release) - Feb. 10, 2014 - PASADENA, Calif. -- Dr. King answers the burning question in the Heath & Beauty industry, "What is the best weight-loss device to lose inches, achieve SAME-DAY results, painlessly without down time?" Dr. King names Body Slimming Experts (BSE) Ultra Slim Plus line of Ultrasound Lipo-sculpturing equipment the winner. Dr. Stephanie King states that this equipment combined with the "King Protocols" will give you results beyond your belief.

Dr. King, of Dedicated to Health Medical Group in “Vanity” central, Southern California has become quite familiar with the ever-popular “quick fixes” to trim, tone, tighten and squeeze into that perfect
dress before a big event. Her celebrity clientele expects it and expects the best methods that work and work well. Even her non-celebrity clientele, the businessman or woman, rely on her to keep them looking younger and feeling younger to compete for their jobs. This is accomplished regularly in her clinic as well as the clinic she consults to nationally.

To accomplish this, Dr. King, Expert in diet and non-surgical fat loss devices has reviewed the newest and latest body contouring devices on the market today and releases her results. Dr. King concludes your best choice for Body Shaping to achieve the following:

* Targeted Fat Reduction

*  Body Shaping

* Skin Tightening

*  Same Day Results

*  No-Down Time, No Needles, No Pain

*  No Costly Consumables, Excellent Marketing Support, Technical Support and Full Warranty

* Body Slimming Experts is the natural alternative to Liposuction and other Aesthetic Devices for Body Contouring.

Laser type machines on the market place like the i-lipo, Zerona, and Lipolight have gained much popularity recently. When they first came out we personally tested and used them in our locations, and found very few benefits and many negative issues that were not ideal. They look cool and could be the future, but we found them expensive to repair, fragile, non-permanent, and necessitated other methods to aid the body to remove liquid fat in order to obtain results. Where lasers work well is in combination with surgical liposuction, when the fat itself is exposed, but the again it's surgery.
SAME-DAY, immediate circumferential Loss (inch Loss) is the Body Slimming Experts (BSE) Ultra Slim Plus line of Ultrasound Lipo-sculpturing equipment the winner. These devices have the highest frequencies and success in the market for:

 What separates my opinion from others that sell this equipment is I use this equipment in a clinical setting, and I’ve personally tested it on myself as well as compared to use with other devices. I as well as my clients demand immediate results our mutual success depends on it.  Below is why we evolved and moved to the newer BSE's Ultrasound fat melting technology, the non-surgical alternative to Liposuction.

Laser body contouring units DO NOT destroy fat cells. The lasers work by increasing the metabolism (heat) of the fat cell, this heat opens the cell, and the contents leak out. The fat cell shrinks allowing the fat to move out slowly over time. Fat cells typically remain active for 48 hours following laser-shaping sessions necessitating treatment every 48 to 72 hours for a minimum of 2 weeks or 6 session to see results.

If a single session is missed the patient will see little to no results. Often 12 sessions are needed to see any change in circumference or inch loss.  Desired results can take up to 4-6 weeks before changes are seen. Results can be temporary as fat cells remain intact and can simply refill unlike ultrasound cavitation that breaks down the fat cells. Many clients have seen fat return to their bodies within the following three (3) months of completing Lipo Laser treatments. The results of all treatment are lost.

People are very unhappy with the long-term results of Laser fat loss devices, and find it difficult to schedule appointments every 48 hours to get their desired results.

WITH THE POWER OF ULTRASOUND CAVITATION LIPO-SCULPTURE utilizing the BSE Ultra Slim Plus II you will see the following:

BSE Ultra-Slim Plus II

Targeted Fat Reduction due to the power of ultrasound vibrating and breaking down the fat cell at localized targeted areas. Body Shaping due to the hands on device allows for vibrations to encourage lymphatic flow and movement of fat beginning within minutes of treatment.

Skin Tightening through the power of ultrasonic waves and radio frequency waves that stimulate collagen production and ATP below the muscle layer causing instant skin tightening that your patient can feel immediately and through the coming days.  See immediate results the same day, with No-Down Time, No Needles, and No Pain.

Body Slimming Experts also provides professional Marketing Support, life time Technical Support and Full 1 year Warranty.

The Intelligent alternative to Liposuction and other Aesthetic Devices for Body Contouring the BSE Ultra-Slim line of lipo cavitation devices is the industry leader in the market today with training sites West Coast, East Coast and Internationally.

Endorsed by Medical Physicians, and our long time expert in the Health Industry Dr. Stephanie King who personally treats and trains in Pasadena, California at Dedicated to Health Medical Group.

Talk with a BSE team leader to begin your Clinics Body Contouring Transformation.