Sunday, March 23, 2014

Improve Flexibility for a Better Healthier You

This post was is inspired by Dr. Stephanie King, the 60 Minutes Interview of Acadamy Award winning actress Kate Blanchett and lastly Bode Miller. Three separate and very different inspirations but very similar in their message. The main inspiration for the title comes by Dr Stephanie King's blog she talks about the flexibility as it relates to our bodies. 

The second, I came about watching Lesley Stahl's  60 minutes interview of Kate Blanchett on 60 Minutes. Ms Blanchett in the last 5 minutes of her interview was asked by Ms Stahl "what's the hardest part of your job" referring to her acting. Kate Blanchett replied, and I paraphrase, I take all that information and take the step forward without looking back.

The third is Bode Miller, the US Skier who tonight took bronze in the Downhill. I love to watch Bode Miller race and compete. The reason, he just puts it all on the line. It's not about the medals it's about the race, his words not mine. He takes that step off the starting block and puts it all out there, win or lose. He's always confident, stoic and 

Now, how do these three different inspiring events collide? One word flexibility...Dr. King talks about the need for the body to be flexible to live longer, feel better, age better, and most importantly live healthier. 
Dr King in of her core beliefs, as stated in some of her prior blog posts, relate body flexibility to mental flexibility. Kate Blanchett