Saturday, March 5, 2016

Wells Fargo Bank refuses to honor State Farm Insurance/US Bank Checks.

Recently I was in a traffic accident, I was driving up the 110 in Los Angeles and a drunk homeless woman was walking on the freeway. I didn't see her, the driver of the a black SUV did see her, and swerved to miss her, causing me to rear-end another the vehicle in the next lane.  My insurance company State Farm totaled my vehicle and we negotiated a fair market value price for the vehicle.

The insurance company after negotiating my payoff for several weeks finally sends a check. This should be it, right? Textbook insurance payoff of my car,  NOPE, this is where it gets surreal. Remember the check State Farm sent me, (you know the company in the commercials on TV), was drawn on a US Bank Check. I deposited the check into my account and was told by the teller the check would take a couple of days to clear, a week at the most. Also, one thing to remember I have no car and I'm stranded in CA borrowing cars to get around. So anxious to get home knowing the check should clear, I negotiate the purchase of another car. I went to the bank within the time frame for the check to clear, so I could wire the money to the sellers account.

The Manager, of the local WFB branch, Maria Cecilia T. Munoz notifies me the check has not cleared as of yet and it could take up to 2 weeks. We're 7 days later and the check is not clearing? Ms. Munoz with her assistant manager, Adam tells me that they have trouble with US Bank as "sometimes US Bank does not pay the checks and leaves us without the money". So never hearing of this before I call State Farm, and they tell me that the check has been paid, providing written proof. A State Farm representative goes so far as to call the bank manager to verify the check.  State Farm calls me and tells me all should be ok and to go back and talk to the manager at the bank. That would be Maria Cecilia T. Munoz a woman that cannot make a decision, and delights in saying nothing is her fault and blames everyone else around her if drama begins. Ms. Munoz is not taking the evidence of payment from State Farm and directs me to US Bank to see if there were any holdups in their chain of payment.

The US Bank Manager politely listens to my story and begins laughing, saying "that's not how it works, your bank is screwing with you". Not great news but, at least, someone made a diagnosis of the problem. With this information in hand, I go back to Wells Fargo Bank to discuss this with Manager Munoz was once again attempting resolution. This is frustrating, it's almost as bad as calling the VA, and they kill people. Ms. Munoz and her assistant tell me this is really not a corporate issue, this is more of a local branch issue and they may return the check NSF. Yes, you heard it, this little WFB branch located in Ralphs market, is going to BOUNCE the check that STATE FARM Insurance Company wrote through US Bank to me, the injured party.

My question, in this day of participation trophy's, total lack of common sense and outright stupidity how do these "managers" get hired? Obviously, these "managers" are hired by the personnel department who  must hire like-minded and inept people as well to fill their ranks? This personnel department must be supervised by some corporate executive that too, must be inept or the personnel department wouldn't hire people like this.

People are following Trump because we have been exploited by ridiculous rules all that take money out of our pockets in the way of lost time, stress, and inconvenience. There is a saying I like to use, "The people at the bottom of the success chain control your life". I can't get the money from this local bank manager, Maria Cecilia T. Munoz, which means I can buy the replacement car stranding me longer in CA. Additionally, I had a great deal on a replacement car, that has now been sold out from under me because my funds and now I mean all my funds are held because I gave them ostensibly a bad check.

It's difficult for me to believe Ms. Munoz and her assistant Adam that US Bank "does not pay their bills", checks coming from US Bank are NSF. If US Bank and State Farm were insolvent I think I would have heard about it through news sources, rather that some branch Manager and her assistant. What amazes me is that these two people do not provide solutions, do not provide any help, they just repeat the same line over and over again.

I've directed my COO to pull all accounts out of Wells Fargo Bank to be placed in a more stable financial institution. I'm continuing my quest to retrieve my money, and, of course, hired an attorney to assist me in this quest. Additionally, and for the rest of time, I will mention Maria Cecilia T. Munoz in every speech I give to insurance companies, government offices, and national business, on "the profile of employees that get you sued!